Anyone Lose A Moriarity Hat 35 Years Ago At Beaver Creek?

Anyone Lose A Moriarity Hat 35 Years Ago At Beaver Creek?

We Have It For You.   Here’s a note from Shelley Canalia, a reader, who has come into possession of this old hat with numerous pins from resorts and events. My brother is Anthony Isham West. Great guy, comes from a Nordic ski family on his Father’s side. In 1985-86 he was working at Beaver Creek in Vail. He found[Read More…]

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Diggins credits her team in helping her win an extraordinary title for an American. Credit: MPR

Jessie Diggins Wins World Cup XC Ski Title

For The First Time In FIS History, A US Woman Wins The Overall Title. [Editor Note: This article by Roger Lohr first appeared in]  Following an Olympic gold medal in 2018 and a published autobiography in 2020, Jessie Diggins continued her onslaught of Nordic skiing and the world beyond. This winter season, the 29-year-old Diggins overcame the threat of[Read More…]

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Return To The Rockies

Return To The Rockies

Part Five: Jan and Judy Move To Utah Our residence in Illinois proved to be similar to grad school in Indiana. I progressed in my academic career, we had another baby, and (sigh) there was no skiing. But a phone call changed everything. At SIU-Edwardsville, we were renting from a colleague on sabbatical, and we had just started looking for[Read More…]

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Jan, Judy, Erk, 1962.

Moving To Indiana Then Idaho

Part Four: Jan and Judy Find Lots Of Places To Ski. We returned from Norway in 1957 and headed to Indiana University. We skied Caberfae near Cadillac, MI, a couple of times, but otherwise, our four years at IU were devoted to my studies and having Bloomington’s New Year’s Baby in January 1960. Where and when would we ever start[Read More…]

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Sunburst Six as it approaches the summit. Credit: Okemo Resort

Okemo Mountain Resort: A Mom And Pop Success Story

The Muellers Saw The Potential And Took The Risk. When Tim and Diane Mueller purchased Okemo Mountain  in August 1982, it was a ski area with six Pomalifts and three double chairlifts. Under their mom-and-pop hands-on leadership, it became a year-round destination resort with summer activities and programs as well as a vastly expanded two-mile wide ski area with 667[Read More…]

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Riding the rope. Harriet's daughter Alison, 5, in leather boots and wooden skis on Jiminy Peak's rope tow. Credit: Harriet Wallis

Don’t Tell Me To Stay Home

How I Was Reinvented As An Athlete. I learned to ski on a dare. Actually, it was a threat. When my husband announced he was going to learn to ski, I gulped. I thought skiing was something crazy people in the other side of the world did, but not here in Connecticut. “You’re going to do what?” I asked. “How[Read More…]

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Judy in powder on her new skis and outfit.

Skiing In Norway: 1956-57

Jan and Judy Get New Ski Gear, New Snow Adventures In A Land That Loves Skiing. After breaking her leg on our disastrous first ski date in Michigan, my wife Judy was still a bit stiff  in the left leg when we arrived in Norway in late June 1956 to begin my Fulbright-student year studying Norwegian folklore.  But we had[Read More…]

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Kruckenhauser was a ski photographer as well as a pioneer of the Austrian technique.  This photo is by him.

A Brief History Of Skiing “Style”

Author’s Note : I owe much of the following to a close personal friend. This is wholly my interpretation of his observations, it does not necessarily reflect or deny his views. In France In the 1940s/50s France and Austria began competing for increasing skiing tourism. The rivalry was both commercial and political. Each wanted a national “product,” supposedly better than their[Read More…]

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Karl and June Acker took over from Janet and continued to expand the resort.

Women Played Integral Role at One of Nation’s Oldest Ski Areas

[Please consider supporting with a donation. We appreciate your help. Click here.] Janet Davis Mead, June Aker, Verlene Belden All Kept Pico Going And Growing, Despite Obstacles and Challenges. Vermont’s Pico Mountain survived a war, two owners’ deaths, and a neighbor called Killington to become one of the 30 oldest continually operating ski areas in the country. It’s a feat[Read More…]

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Model T Snowmobile

Model T Snowmobile

[Please consider supporting with a donation. We appreciate your help. Click here.] In 1922, a New Hampshire Ford dealer and inventor offered a kit to convert Model Ts to “Snowmobiles.” The kit sold for $400 at a time when the Model T sold for $300. The conversion included skis in the front and a second set of wheels in back[Read More…]

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My Skiing in College

My Skiing in College

Our First Ski Date Didn’t Go Well. [Please consider supporting with a donation. We appreciate your help. Click here.] Growing up Norwegian-American in Lansing, MI, I was introduced early to skiing and became fairly proficient by my teens. When I entered college in 1951, I was ready to improve. I joined the Ski Cub at Michigan State College (not University then), and[Read More…]

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Dave had to teach a group of local women, and he never even had a lesson.

My One Morning Career As A Ski Instructor

A Ski Patrolman Rises To The Challenge. Before I ever had a ski lesson, I had become a ski patrol director, certified (the highest level) by both the National Ski Patrol and the Professional Ski Patrol Association. One morning while working at a small ski area (240 feet of vertical), I was called into the base lodge by the woman[Read More…]

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Jan Brunvand, age 3

Growing Up Norwegian-American on Skis

A classic ski poster shows a blonde baby in a quaint wooden cradle, one outstretched hand holding ski poles, with a pair of skis protruding from the other side. The caption is “Norway. The Cradle of  Ski-ing.” This poster reminds me of my roots. I was on skis from before I can remember. An undated snapshot in the family album proves this.[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Multiverse of Santas

Mystery Glimpse: Multiverse of Santas

Santa Santa Santa Where are we? What’s special about what’s going on? Last Week Clearly, there are some fantastic ski history buffs in among our readership. We had some spot-on descriptions of this old hotel last week. This is the Poland Springs House in Poland Springs, ME. Here’s a bit of this famous landmark’s story from Glenn Parkinson, the historian[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: The Old Hotel

Mystery Glimpse: The Old Hotel

Where? When? What? This week’s Mystery Glimpse is a challenge. Major hint: The identity of the magnificent hotel can be found on the website of the Maine Ski and Snowboard Museum. Spend some time there browsing around and consider supporting the Museum and its mission. If you know where, when and what this is a picture of—or when you find[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Where And When?

Mystery Glimpse: Where And When?

This Is An Oldie. Can you identify where this rope tow was and when? If you can, write your comment in Leave A Reply below. Many thanks to Ski History magazine for this picture. Ski History magazine is the publication of the International Ski History Association. Find out more about ISHA by clicking here. Last Week In keeping with last[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: XC Dominator

Mystery Glimpse: XC Dominator

Perhaps The Greatest XC Competitor Of All Time? This week’s challenge might be very difficult for some, easy for others.  Why? Because not as many people follow the fortunes of cross-country competitors compared to their Alpine counterparts. Everyone knows Karli Schranz, Jean-Claude Killy, Bode Miller, and the rest.  But how about Sverre Stenersen, who consistently won medals in the Olympics[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Flashy Coat

Mystery Glimpse: Flashy Coat

What The Heck Is He Wearing? Who is this person? There must be a story behind that coat. Something to do with the Olympics?  This might be a tough one. Please reply in Leave A Comment below. Thanks to the Colorado SnowSports Museum for contributing this picture.  Did you realize there snow sports museums all across North America? Many are[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Instructor Comma

Mystery Glimpse: Instructor Comma

Famous Instructor And Ski Celebrity. Here’s a picture of one of skiing’s most famous instructors, demonstrating the equally famous comma position.  This might be an easy one for many readers who have been around skiing for a while, like since the early 60s. Heavy hint: He just had a birthday. Last Week Yes, it’s the famous Air Car, a sui[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Air Ride

Mystery Glimpse: Air Ride

Not A Flying Saucer. Close, though. It certainly looks like it might be from…um…elsewhere. And that’s a giveaway to what was going on in that particular era. Is it an amusement park ride? Prop from a space movie? No, but at what stylish resort did this car-ish “gondola” appear? How about when? Does anyone know the history? We thank Jamie[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Home Movies

Mystery Glimpse: Home Movies

Vintage Scenes Of Skiing. Here’s a different Mystery Glimpse challenge.  Correspondent Don Burch has uncovered some old home movies from an online video archive.  Can you spot where this footage might have been taken? Are there clues in these different videos that might reveal when these were taken? Even if you can’t identify the locations, check out that equipment and[Read More…]

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Credit: Ski History Magazine

Mystery Glimpse: Those Eyes

The Face Of Intensity. Here’s the first of our Mystery Glimpse feature for this new season. We post a picture from snowsport’s past and you guess who the person, place, or thing is. Write your response in the Leave A Reply box below.  If you know any details about the photo or the situation, let us know. Here’s a racer[Read More…]

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Those sweaters, that hair, those baggy pants. Stein was a one-of-a-kind.

Stein Shows The Way

Remember Classic Skiing? Here’s a really great tribute video from Outside TV on Stein Eriksen’s role in creating the world of modern skiing. From extreme skiing to blue cruising, Stein has had a deep and lasting impact on the sport.  Who hasn’t tried to ski with knees locked together in a comma position just like him? Click below to watch[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Yes, It Was Buddy

Mystery Glimpse: Yes, It Was Buddy

Buddy Werner, Movie Star Many readers identified this Bogner-clad high-flyer as Buddy Werner, the celebrated ski racer. And yes, there is a strong resemblance to Jean-Claude Killy in this pic. Many thanks to Steamboat’s Tread Of Pioneers Museum for contributing this photo. Just three weeks after the 1964 Innsbruck Olympics, Buddy Werner was in Switzerland to film a movie produced[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Movie Star

Mystery Glimpse: Movie Star

Who’s This? This is a still from a movie this celebrity ski racer was in. Many thanks to the Tread Of Pioneers Museum in Steamboat Springs, CO, for this photo. Last Week From the Journal Of The New England Ski Museum: “Pete Seibert worked as a ski patroller in Aspen just after the war, then in 1950 attended L’Ecole Hoteliere[Read More…]

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