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Hannes Schneider brought "technique" to the US in early 30s.

Question For You: How Did You Learn?

Did How You Learn Help Or Hinder Your Current Technique? I remember taking couple of lessons when I started skiing in the mid-60s. Lessons were based on the snow-plow, stem christie, christie school.  Very Austrian. It served me well over the years I skied up to the time my Alpine career went on hiatus. When I came back to skiing[Read More…]

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Finally! A Ski Boot For Older Feet

Finally! A Ski Boot For Older Feet

I recently had an online boot-fitting session with Dahu, the remarkable Swiss ski boot that advertises with SeniorsSkiing.com. Before sending a pair of loaners, the company asked for my street shoe size. I could have used their App to determine foot volume but didn’t go through that short step. As it turned out, the boots they sent were the correct[Read More…]

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Question For You 12: How Will You Change?

Question For You 12: How Will You Change?

The 2020 Season Will Be Like No Other. Things Will Be Different. Will You Be, Too? You know the scene: COVID rules in play at resorts, mostly involving reduced capacities, reservations, limitations on indoor activities, restricted food service, and the whatever else ski area managers have created to protect customers.  It ain’t business as usual. We’d like to know how[Read More…]

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Ski/Snowboard Consumer Expos Offer Info and FUN!

Ski/Snowboard Consumer Expos Offer Info and FUN!

[Editor Note: This article first appeared in SunandSnowAdventures.com, an online magazine published by Mary Jo Tarallo, the former head of Learn To Ski And Snowboard Month.] Ski and snowboard consumer expos are a great way to get ready for or learn more about the sports. And, they are FUN! Most feature music, demos and food samplings PLUS the latest deals[Read More…]

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Apex Boots

APEX Boots: Simplicity. Comfort. Performance.

    If there’s a skiers’ Hell, its boot room will be full. Many of you have written to complain that your boots don’t provide good support; they’re too cold; you have to tighten them until your feet go numb. They have you thinking about ending your skiing careers.  There’s no other piece of equipment that stimulates as much discomfort[Read More…]

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Reconstruction: Alfons & Adrie Kennis © South Tyrol Museum Archaeology/Ochsenreiter

Ötzi the Ice Man: Three Millennia Older Than Mel Brooks

  He may not be the world’s oldest skier, but at more than 5000 years, he is the world’s oldest and best-preserved wet mummy. Given his advancing years, Ötzi is in particularly good shape.  Named for where he was found in 1991 by two hikers on the Italian-Austrian border, Ötzi now resides in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in the[Read More…]

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PopUp Problem Perplexes Publishers

Last Week’s Edition Had Some Issues. Imagine our surprise when we began to receive complaints—some strongly worded—from our readers about having to re-enter their name and email to access our online magazine. That is, re-enter again and again and again. And again. We thought it was a typical but annoying problem that is usually on the reader’s side of the[Read More…]

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How Cozy Are Your Feet?

How Cozy Are Your Feet?

Cozy Feet. Happy Skier. That’s the headline for the APEX  Ski Boot System advertisement at the right of this article. It’s worth taking notice…especially with the unusual, limited time 20% discount to SeniorsSkiing.com readers. In  a reader survey from a few years ago, we asked which new equipment you intended to purchase in the coming season. 25% of you responded[Read More…]

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Holiday Gifts For Senior Skiers

Holiday Gifts For Senior Skiers

If you’re still looking for something different and/or special for older snow enthusiasts, the following suggestions are discounted for SeniorsSkiing.com followers and can be ordered online. APEX Boot System is offering 20% off retail for SeniorsSkiing.com readers. This is the boot many olderskiers are talking about. It’s a good performer, comfortable, and let’s you walk with ease. No issues getting[Read More…]

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Additions to List of US and Canadian Areas Where Seniors Ski Free

Additions to List of US and Canadian Areas Where Seniors Ski Free

Last week we published our annual list of resorts where seniors can ski free. For the first time, we added the results of our survey of all Canadian ski areas. Several readers notified us of areas with free skiing privileges that we had overlooked. They include Arizona Snow Bowl (AZ), Boreal (CA), Loveland (CO), Bellayre (NY), and Cataloochee (NC). Catalooche requires you to be 65.[Read More…]

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PARTYTIME!!!!  Wednesday, November 14 in NYC

PARTYTIME!!!! Wednesday, November 14 in NYC

Come celebrate 5 years of SeniorsSkiing.com! You’ll meet other older skiers and have a chance to win some terrific raffle prizes, including, a trip to Okemo, a pair of APEX boots, Orsden parkas, a season of Safe Descents ski and snowboard insurance, DeBooter ski boot jacks, Bootster ski boothorns, discounts on Masterfit boot products, subscriptions to Skiing History magazine, etc.[Read More…]

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You’re Invited!  SeniorsSkiing.com’s Fifth Anniversary Party

You’re Invited! SeniorsSkiing.com’s Fifth Anniversary Party

Additional Raffle Prizes: Safe Descents ski and snowboard insurance.

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Peace of Mind: Simplified and Inexpensive Ski/Board Insurance

Peace of Mind: Simplified and Inexpensive Ski/Board Insurance

Safe Descents provides ski and snowboard evacuation insurance in an uncomplicated manner and at very attractive prices. I just purchased coverage for the entire season for $56.99. For that amount, Safe Descents covers any ambulance or air evacuation services if I’m injured in-bounds at any ski resort in the United States. That’s in addition to other coverage like sending a[Read More…]

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Two Reasonably Priced Gifts That Solve Getting Ski Boots Off and On

Two Reasonably Priced Gifts That Solve Getting Ski Boots Off and On

Other than warmth and comfort, the two big boot issues as we age are getting them on in the morning and off at the end of the day. If your home is slopeside, it may not be so much of a problem, but for those of us who boot up or off in lodge or lot, it can be a struggle.[Read More…]

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This Is What You Told Us You Want

This Is What You Told Us You Want

A few months ago, we reported on the key finding from our Spring reader survey:   Grandparents are a significant influence getting grandkids into the sport. Once the kids have been introduced, almost 95% stay with it. Another significant finding is that 56% of respondents reported they spent between $1000 and $5000 per person last season on skiing, boarding, and[Read More…]

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Marker is recalling its 2017-18 Kingpin toe binding

Marker Recalls Some 2017/18 Touring Bindings

Possible steel pin breakage in Marker’s Kingpin models 10 and 13 may lead to lower release forces and result in falls, according to the manufacturer. The ski touring binding is targeted at the backcountry market. Marker is replacing the binding toes at no cost. If you have the binding contact your local Marker Authorized Retailer or visit https://www.marker.net/en-us/support/recall/ for assistance.

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Vail and Alterra’s Unfairness Doctrine

Vail and Alterra’s Unfairness Doctrine

Editorial Regardless of whether the steady elimination of season pass senior discounts is personally insignificant or presents a financial burden, you should be aware of the lack of fairness and gratitude exhibited by this new policy. Through Vail’s EPIC Pass and Alterra’s IKON pass, the companies are advancing elimination of senior discounts, while acquiring more areas. In fairness, some localized Vail[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

Are older skiers the Rodney Dangerfields of the slopes? Sometimes it feels like ski resorts show us no respect. Consider that there are no Epic or Ikon senior discounts, and, in the case of some Ikon resorts, there no longer are local season passes and the senior discounts associated with them. Some of the big players are doing very well.[Read More…]

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Courtesy: Daily Mail

Skiing Grandparents Play Major Role Introducing Grandkids to Winter Sports

Grandparents who ski or board play a major role introducing their grandchildren to the sport. This is one of several significant findings from the April reader survey. It was the fifth SeniorsSkiing.com reader survey, and it produced the largest reader response to date. Fifty-eight percent of respondents identified as grandparents. The introduced more than 68% of their grandchildren to the[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

The first rule for skiing powder is to get to it before anyone else does. It skis best when untracked, and it doesn’t stay untracked for long. The other day at Grand Targhee in Wyoming, I bought a ticket that gave access to the lifts an hour before opening to the public. The other option would have been pricier cat[Read More…]

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Jessie Diggans and Kikkan Randall after winning Gold in the Women's Cross-Country Team Spring

US Women Win XC Olympic Gold!

Will Historic Victory Raise Profile Of Competitive Cross Country? [Editor Note: SeniorsSkiing.com thanks XCSkiResorts.com publisher Roger Lohr for this article on the incredible Olympic accomplishment of Randall and Diggins.  An expanded version first appeared in XCSkiResorts.com.] Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins made American Olympic history, winning the gold medal in Pyeongchang for the Women’s Team Sprint Freestyle Cross Country Ski[Read More…]

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The paparazzi chase George while trying to keep up. 
Credit: Harriet Wallis

100 Year Old Skier Inspires Us To Become Our Better Selves

[Many expenses for technicians, designers, and others are associated with delivering SeniorsSkiing.com free each week and developing and publishing Subscriber-Only content. Please help by making a modest donation by clicking here.] George Jedenoff, 100, Is In Love With The Mountains, The Snow, And Life. Everyone Who Meets Him Says, “I Want To Be Like George.” “Age is just a number,”[Read More…]

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Soft Skiing for Seniors

Soft Skiing for Seniors

When I heard of the book Soft Skiing I had to check it out. At age 84, that’s how I ski— with minimal effort, smoothly, cruisin’ the blues. The subtitle of this small paperback was encouraging: “The Secrets of Effortless Low-impact Skiing for Older Skiers.” The author, Lito Tejada-Flores, was “born at 13,000 feet in the Bolivian Andes,” and he[Read More…]

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Seasons Greetings From SeniorsSkiing.Com

Seasons Greetings From SeniorsSkiing.Com


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Several years ago I did the unthinkable at Thanksgiving. I abandoned my wife and young daughters and went to Alta for a long weekend. I had my wife’s blessing, but she has a long memory, and I still get reminded of that mid-1980s lapse. But I also have sweet memories. It dumped 3′ and, except for the lack of a[Read More…]

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