How To Post A Classified Ad

  1. Complete the Contact Information. Your name and email address will already be filled in if you are a subscriber.
  2. Under Item Information, create a title for your ad, select the appropriate category from the drop down menu. Just one category per item please.
  3. Add a picture or two of your item. Post JPEG or PNG format photos, no more than 500 kb each.
  4. Add a description of the item and your asking price, including terms of the transaction, i.e., who pays for shipping, financial exchange, etc.
  5. Add your location.
  6. Click that you agree to the Terms of Participation. You can review the Terms of Participation by clicking here. 
  7. Click on Captcha.
  8. Select the Introductory Offer of $1 for 30 days, starting Oct 16 and ending Nov. 13. After Nov. 13, select how long you want your ad posted and the price you want to pay.  At the end of the posting period, you can renew your ad or you can let it expire.
  9. Click on the Preview button to see how your ad will appear.
  10. You can go back and revise your listing by clicking Edit Listing. If you’re satisfied, click Publish Listing.
  11. If you click Publish Listing, you will be asked to pay using your credit card information. Enter your information, then click Place Order.  You’re done. Your ad will appear under the category you selected.

Remember, use your common sense and caution for dealing with people on this site.


* Click here to read Terms of Participation