Comparing Veteran And A New Comer Energy Boosters.

Sometimes we need a little boost.
Sometimes we need a little boost.

Energy bars and gels have been on the market for a long time for endurance athletes and weekend warriors alike. Cycling, running and skiing require a positive store of energy that can be augmented by a power snack stored in a cycling jersey, pack or ski parka.  It is especially important to seniors who are active to have some form of nourishment during activities that require fitness and skill. Depleting carbohydrates can drain muscle power and lead to injuries.

The Veteran
The Veteran

The gold standard for energy replacement has been Clif Bars for the last several

The Newbie
The Newbie

years.  Energy bars, mini bars, gels and Clif Shots have all been part of the active outdoors persons arsenal .  Recently, Clif Bars has joined a movement that emphasizes non-GMO, Gluten free, organic ingredients included in packaging that is non-toxic and able to be re-sealed.

Recently a competitive producer has been gaining ground in the energy food world.  Munk Pack is produced in Canada and has focused on the energy food packs that have all natural flavors and able to be resealed.  They specialize in Oatmeal fruit squeezes that include whole grain oats, delicious fruits and flax, to produce sustained energy.  At $14.99 per six pack, they are reasonably priced and have four delicious flavors.

Personal Observations

Both Clif and Munk Pack emphasize the quality of ingredients. In my estimation, Munk Pack has an edge because, by comparison, their packs have 90 calories and 1% or one gram of total fat versus five grams of total fat and 140 calories for the Clif product. Some people value low calorie/ low percentage of fat grams in their intake of power snacks. Munk Pack delivers impact in terms of performance and recovery with the least amount of calories and fat. Both products are 120 gram packages. I found that the Peach Chai, Blueberry Acai, Rasberry Cocoanut, and Apple Quinoa Cinnamon also had an edge in exotic flavor over the Clif selections and utilizing the natural sweetness of the ingredients adds to the flavor enhancement.  Both products are comparatively priced, but Clif ranges from $13.99 per box to $18.00 per box of six depending on flavor.  Munk Pack is $14.99/six pack for all four flavors.

Clif has a wide range of products that suit different needs for the modern day athlete.  But Munk Pack seems to have cornered the market on fresh ingredients, taste, and price.  Their logo features a chipmunk which has significance in their mission.  ” We take inspiration from nature to create delicious brands of pure fruit and grain.  Like the chipmunk, we gather only high quality, real ingredients for balanced nutrition on the go. ”  A great addition to the pocket of your ski parka or cycling jersey.


  1. Rusty Edge says:

    According to multiple studies by people that do multiple studies it was found that the best energy bar is…..Snickers.

  2. Robert Scott Steinberg, DPM says:

    Thank you for your review, but what you are stating, is your opinion, much of which is not supported by direct nutritional studies. There is no reason to make people afraid. With that said, I will try Munk, as soon as I can find it. There is no scientific evidence supporting the misconception that GMOs are in any way dangerous! If it weren’t for GMO, millions more people would be starving. GMO has created plants that are resistant to disease, and have increased yields. Also, proper nutrition requires fat intake! I encourage everyone to learn the science of great nutrition, starting with facts about fat. Go to heart dot org.

  3. Order at

    The GMO debate you can take up with Munkpack. That is in their advertising. My review was simply my comparison of two similar products.

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