I’ve Learned A Lot And Here Are The Lessons.

Find out what Harriet thought about these tubeless, foam-filled tires. Credit: Harriet Wallis

If your hands are arthritic, you know how hard it is get a tire back on the rim after fixing a flat. Lightweight Tannus tubeless foam tires were recently introduced into the U.S., and I was quick to buy a set. They don’t take a tube, and since they are filled with foam, they can never get a flat. Never. And they’re good for 5,000 miles. That seemed to be the perfect solution for my hands.

I had them installed just before a charity ride in the cool weather of early June. They rode wonderfully. They were the cat’s meow.

But as summer temperatures heated the road surface, the road softened the tires, and they became sluggish. The hotter the day, the slower they rode. Hot weather riding and hill climbing became work. Dang!

I think the lightweight, solid foam, Tannus tubeless tires live up to their reputation that they can never get a flat. My tires picked up several of those dreaded goat head thorns. I pulled them out and rode on. No problem. No flat. I think casual riders and commuters who face road debris will enjoy them. And they come in 12 lively colors.

But for me, it was time to move on and find another “arthritis proof” bicycle tire. Stay tuned for my review of the Bontrager brand tubeless tire-wheel system.

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  1. Yvette Cardozo says:

    I tried to find these when the story lst came out, talked to the company and was told to try again in the fall. I am going to do this and will see if a store in my area (Seattle) will perhaps carry them. Roads during Seattle winters can be filled with all sorts of sharp objects. Sounds very promising.

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