Mischievous raccoons, rascal bears, and stately elk are trailside fun for all ages.

Photo: Harriet Wallis

Deer Valley is famous for fabulous dining, manicured slopes, superior guest services and posh amenities. But there’s more.

Photo: Harriet Wallis

Life size wood and bronze wild animals decorate the porches and roofs of trailside private homes along the Last Chance beginner run.

Raccoons peek in a window at one home and prowl the porch railing. A nosey raccoon watches oncoming skiers through binoculars. Another raccoon skied out of control went splat on the side of the house.

A family of bronze elk are nearby. Mom and the little one rest quietly in the safety of bushes. The bull stands guard trailside and you can almost hear him bugle.

Photo: Harriet Wallis

Further along, bears get into all kinds of trouble. They ski off the roof, poke paws into the hot tub, snooze on the railing, stuff themselves with a pot of honey and use binoculars to watch the raccoons.

There’s also a totem pole home and one with a mountain goat perched on the peak. Additional sculptures appear periodically.

Hard core skiers often miss the critters because they’re along a beginner run. But skiing Last Chance is a great way to wind down. Just give beginners plenty of room.

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  1. These sculptures are a hoot! We were in Jackson Hole this weekend and saw a few bear sculptures in similar poses. Very cute!

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