Inspiration Department: Marathon Swimmer Reflects On Staying Vital and Bold.

In 2013, Diana Nyad swam the Florida Straits, 110 miles, without a shark cage in 53 hours. She was 64 years old. Credit: Steven Lippman
In 2013, Diana Nyad swam the Florida Straits, 110 miles, without a shark cage in 53 hours. She was 64 years old. Credit: Steven Lippman

When Diana Nyad attempted to swim from Cuba to Florida when she was 28 years old, she failed.  She was 64 when she finally succeeded.  Her message about defining who we are as we move into aging is uplifting.

They say age is a state of mind. Age is, of course, a state of body as well. It is up to each of us to live bold, vital days, free from subjugation to the mass, limited interpretations of our respective ages.

That’s why she says she is more comfortable in her late 60s than ever before.  “I’m breathing the life force of my primal physical self now…I am more resilient.  My immune system is a stronger fortress. I can summon strength I never had in the day.”

I was a thoroughbred then, more finely tuned but also somewhat fragile. These days I’m more of a Clydesdale, sturdy and stalwart. If you told me I’d be left stranded in the wilderness for many months and could choose at which age I would attempt to survive the ordeal, I’d pick this very age, 66.

Click here for her story in a recent LA Times Op-Ed piece.  If you need a bit of perspective about the passing years and your changing world, this might be helpful.

Here’s her provocative Ted talk on achieving.

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  1. Tamsin Venn says:

    This is wonderful and an inspiration to us all to continue our outdoor pursuits… in a Clydesdale state of mind. Go for it!

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