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This fast-paced, short video from Don Burch combines several artistic techniques, including some fleeting Mondrian-like moments. I think it’s fair to say that Don is developing a new genre of ski video. Watching it evolve is a treat.



  1. David Brennan says:


  2. Joanne Lasnier says:

    Fantastic Don! The music matches all the excitement of skiing. ❤️

  3. Robert Margolies says:

    Really good! Can see the progression, yes, loved this one, and the Stratton tree skiing best. The areas will be wanting these soon if they are not all ready. Can’t wait for you to get some more shots at Smuggs!

  4. Patti+Farkas says:

    Hmmm – I still prefer the leisurely pix of skiers and terrain, but I guess that’s because I have an attention span of more than 1 and 1/2 seconds. This stuff reminds me of some elementary film-school experiments. But then again, I still like Perry Como and music with comprehensible melody and words. Can you say 81-year-old western Corduroy Queen curmudgeon? Speaking of the Wonderful West, don’t you have any contributors from that area? We’re feeling rather neglected!

  5. We do need videos from other regions. In a couple weeks I’m headed to Colorado and soon after will have videos to post. Thanks for your input.

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