Drones Bring A Magnificent, Unexpected Perspective.

Verbier, Switzerland: ParaSailing on skis Credit: Mark Subi
Verbier, Switzerland: ParaSailing on Skis
Credit: Mark Subi

They’re in the skies, but you may not see them. Professional and amateur operated photo drones are capturing striking bird’s eye views of snow-covered mountains, crashing waterfalls, ancient architecture, daredevil feats, even the inside of an erupting volcano.

So this senior skier learned one late July afternoon following a long hike in the high desert of south central Utah. Prone on couch, he wanders to “drones” on the web and a collection of exceptional videos and stills shot with camera-mounted drones awaited.  Click here for the site; home page reads: Bird’s Eye View. Explore. Share.

Postings are from every part of the globe. Videos tend to be a few minutes in length, and while some are of borderline interest, others are well worth the clicks.. Here are a few that may whet your appetites for winter or for an exotic place that takes on new meaning when viewed from a higher place:

Switzerland: Wintery ravine/ Ski



Mexico: Tamu Waterfall/ Whales near Puerto Vallarta



Niagara Falls/New York City



Vanuatu: Inside an exploding volcano


Bulgaria: Soccer


Iceland: Park Tour


France: Versailles/High Wire Skyliners



Have you been droning lately?

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