Trail Masters are those subscribers who reported that the number of days they played in the snow (ski/board/shoe) last season met or exceeded their number of years.

For the 2017-18 season,106 people self-qualified. The season before, 77 Trail Masters were named, and in 2016-17, when the program launched, there were 42.

Some readers have commented that the program favors youth—if people in their 50s qualify as “youth.” We understand their position and tried to come up with an alternative way to recognize those individuals who pursue their sport as they get older. We contemplated a few alternatives, but concluded that having the number of days on snow match your years is a pretty good one.

Most of last season’s Trail Masters are from the US. Four are from Canada, two from Australia, and one each from the UK and New Zealand. Each Trail Master has been sent the Trail Master sew-on patch and a selection of decals.

The age range is 50 to 79. The two oldest are Roger Bourke and Michael Sharkey, both 79. Roger lives in Alta, Utah and skied 110 days. Michael lives in Waitsfield, Vermont and skied 100 days. The 50-year old is Dianne Maggipinto, 50, of Salt Lake City. She skied 80 days.

Frequent contributor, Harriet Wallis, made the list by matching her age with 78 days on the hill.

The highest number of time in snow was achieved by Brad Noren of Ironwood, Michigan, with 210 days. He’s 63. Brad is an alpine/Nordic instructor. He reports that he skis almost every day from late October to late April. In the evening, he snowshoes around his property on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Next are Lynn Bourdaghs, 76, Cottonwood Heights, Utah and Rick Morris, 67, Kingscliff, Australia. Lynn reported 155 days; Rick, 152. Carlan Silha, 74, Spokane, Washington, reported 136 days.

There were 24 subscribers on the previous 2017-18 list of Trail Masters who also appeared on this year’s list.

Congratulations, Trail Masters!!!!!

Click here to see the full list of TrailMasters 2017-18


  1. Tom Kazikiewicz says:

    Skied 120 days this past season and have a string of 15 mths in a row (26 out of past 27;missed Judy 2017) Have skied ib past year 3 continents (USA,Europe;Australia) and 3 inlands (Tasmania,NewZealand-north & NewZealand-south ) Been a great year ;will try 2 keep my mth string going for a while.

  2. William Sundblad says:

    Please add me to your Trail Masters List. I am a member of 70+ and WOB at Alta. I have skied my age for the last five years. Last season I had 93 days alpine. I turned 84 the end of the season. I assume that you got my email address from either 70+ or WOB.
    Thank You,

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Thanks for the info, Bill. We issue a call for Trail Master submissions at the end of each season. The last one was part of our Spring reader survey. We’d love to add you to the list at the end of this season, but you’ll need to respond to be listed. In meanwhile, send me your physical address, and I’ll send you the 2017-18 Trail Master patch and some stickers. [email protected]

  3. Steve, a high school mate of mine from the class of ’66, told me abt your website last year. So, typical of my generation, I do not sign up quickly for anything electronic, but he has convinced me to give your site a try. So, I’ve now signed up. By the bye, last year I did exceed my 70 years of circling the sun with 103 days on skis. Started skiing in early Nov and continued through the first day of summer. Since I have never learned to fix my heels, all my skiing is done with free heels. However, have had to switch to New Telemark Norn (NTN) which allows me to parallel groomed slopes and save the genuflecting for powder and corn. My ski days include track skiing, skating, back country downhill and yes, lots of lift assisted downhill. – It’s all good. JPH

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