Place That Northeast Trail In The Right Resort. 

Credit: Don Burch

Ski The East? Here’s a chance to show you’ve been around.

1, White Cap is a part of __________?

     A. Attitash B. Sunday River C. Whiteface D. Loon

2. Mittersill is a part of __________?

     A. Ski Butternut B. Stratton C. Sugarloaf D. Cannon

3. Spruce Peak is a part of __________?

     A. Berkshire East B. Mad River Glen C. Stowe D. Burke

4. Wilderness Peak is part of _________?

     A. Bolton Valley B. Mohawk C. Cranmore D. Wachusett

5. Mt. Ellen is a part of __________?

     A. Suicide Six B. Crotched C. Saddleback D. Sugarbush

6. Mt. Stickney is a part of __________?

     A. Loon B. Pat’s Peak C. Catamount D.Bretton Woods

7. Burnt Ridge Mountain is a part of __________?

     A. Wildcat B. Gore C. Ski Sundown D. Gunstock

8. Sterling Mountain is a part of __________?

     A. Smugglers’ Notch B. Shawnee Peak C. Sunapee D. Waterville Valley

9. Jackson Gore is a part of __________?

     A. Windham B. Okemo C. Bromley D. Hunter

10. Carinthia is a part of __________?

     A. Mount Snow B. Jiminy Peak C. Ragged D. King Pine

Credit: Don Burch


1. Sunday River, 2. Cannon, 3. Stowe, 4. Bolton Valley 5. Sugarbush, 6. Bretton Woods, 7. Gore, 8. Smugglers’ Notch, 9. Okemo, 10. Mount Snow


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