Shaking Off Summer Dust: First Runs Of The Season

Snow finally came to New England last week whether through machines or from the sky. It finally got consistently cold enough to make the stuff or for real snow to stick. correspondent Don Burch ventured out to see what was going on at Okemo, VT. Here’s his video report from the slopes.  If you haven’t been out yet this year, perhaps this short video will rev up your enthusiasm.



  1. Jeff Peterson says:

    Do you live in Vermont or did you have to do the 2 week quarantine before visiting Okemo? I’m in upstate NY and trying to figure out how to ski Vermont this season. Thanks

  2. I actually quarantined twice! The first time was in anticipation of mid-November skiing but there was none. Then did it again. It’s not difficult for me to quarantine since I’m retired AND my daughter just bought a home in VT so I stay with her and don’t have to leave VT.

    • Mary-Jane Sackett says:

      Great video. Really made me get psyched for skiing. Lucky you to have a relative who lives in VT that you can stay with. I’m just over the border in Western MA (Berkshire County) but it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to ski in VT this year because my husband is still working outside of home, He can’t really quarantine. Hopefully, things will loosen up a bit as the season progresses, but since there are some nice ski areas in the Berkshires, we’ll be hitting them a lot this winter. Putting our IKON passes on hold for next year.

  3. Great video and wonderful ski area. Thanks for creating and sharing it.

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