The Key To Weight Loss Revealed.  And It’s Not Exercise.

We know that senior snow enthusiasts are also cyclists, hikers, kayakers, golfers, sailors, tennis players and more, engaging in lots of non-snow physical activities.  Some of you might be motivated to keep your activity level up by a desire to control your weight.  Gaining weight is an artifact of aging as metabolism slows down.  Curiously, this article by Aaron E. Carroll in a recent New York Times describes exercise as contributing less than we think to weight loss.  In fact, Carroll points to studies that show exercise makes no difference in weight loss.  While exercise does have many, many physical benefits on cardio health, diabetes control, pulmonary disease and the like, the true key to weight control is…eat less.

Here’s the article.  What do you think?


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  1. I have known this for years as I never really lost any weight due to constant activity of one kind or another. I eat healthy organic foods and still cannot lose much weight. I am attributing all this to genetics as I have maintained the body weight and physique of all my close relatives who came before and I have come to accept this and live with it!

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