Experticity Discount Benefit For Is Changing.

For the past couple of months, we’ve been getting emails from new subscribers asking for clarity and/or instructions for accessing the Experticity site where readers can get amazing discounts on gear and clothing from top brands. These new readers were unable to get on the site.  So, we inquired, and after a decent interval, we inquired again.  And then we finally heard back from an Experticity rep.

Here’s the scoop.

Last summer, Experticity merged with Promotive, the original online discount site we worked with to set up this benefit for our readers.  When the switcheroo came, Experticity gave us a new code and a new group name (“Ski Experts”) that differed from the Promotive name and code.  No worries so far. New subscribers were able to sign up with Experticity with no problems.

Recently, the folks at Experticity have been taking a closer look at who has access to their site.  They state that the discounts offered to the “Ski Expert” category is meant for people who are athletes, instructors, coaches, industry members, and the like. In other words, industry professionals. Their vendors expect the people who buy through Experticity to have those kinds of credentials; that’s part of the value Experticity adds.  While we do have a lot of ski instructors as subscribers, most of our readers are not those kinds of professional skiers.  So they pulled the code and, for now, have blocked access to the discounts for new subscribers.

What does this mean?  We are in the process of figuring out how we can revive that important discount benefit to our subscribers.

Good news: If you have already signed up when Experticity was Promotive and have been able to access the site, you will continue to have access until you reach the anniversary date of when you signed up.  Then you have to go through a new sign-up process.

Bad news: If you are new subscriber, we ask you to be patient until we figure out how or if we can work with Experticity to re-establish access. They gave us a new code, but there is a new sign-up process which we are trying to understand.

We are on top of this situation and will let you know as soon as we know what’s going on with Experticity.





  1. Brad Rieders says:

    There’s no one that promotes skiing more than someone that’s been making turns for 50 years AND MORE. A day doesnt go by that I dont talk skiing and promote the sport. At 64 I just bought a new pair of fat skis and plan on celebrating my 65th heliskiing. I do more and spend more on skiing than most professionals. Really ,how many people jump off cliffs. Not real. Experticity should include us seniors in all their discounts. Its a big mistake excluding seniors from these discounts.

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Yup, Brad. We get it, and it is helpful to have this comment. If we can hear from other readers, we will have some ideas to present to the Experticity folks. The situation is still forming and hopefully we can influence the outcome. Appreciate your comment.

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