Anti-Freeze Face Tape is Quite the Experience.

Jen Carlson wearing Anti-Freeze Face Tape

Okay, it’s Spring and for most of us the cold is fast becoming a distant memory. However, on January 8 at Alta, temps ranged from 12F to 18F. Sunny but chilly. So I took a package of Anti-Freeze Face Tape —a gift from a friend—followed the instructions and skied that day with a well decorated mug. War paint comes to mind.

The package states, “For downhill and x-country skiers, winter runners and cyclists, and those who wish to protect and insulate their skin.” It’s definitely a different way to reduce risk of frostbite.

I did what the package advised and applied the four pre-cut pieces to my nose, cheeks and chin. That was after washing and drying my face.

During the 4 1/2 hours wearing the colorful, flexible fabric, there was a burst of social engagement. It ranged from people doing double takes to straight-up staring, especially from little kids. Gotta love children with their unfiltered responses! Lunch was interrupted by the curious and those who simply pointed. Quite a few bemused people asked about this unusual new product. Who would’ve guessed placing some tape on my face would’ve sparked so much intrigue and commentary? Loved it!

It’s an interesting product, and I’ll use it again, especially on a cold day. I’d skip the cheek and chin covering in favor of my head/face sock. Would definitely use the tape on my nose. With it on, I didn’t have to deal with a cold nose or worry about sun exposure.

Removing Anti-Freeze Face Tape was fine, except from my cheeks, where there was some discomfort. A slight pattern from the adhesive remained on my face, which for a while was red and feeling a little raw.

Bottom line: It felt a bit odd at first. I quickly got used to it. A few times during the day it itched a bit, but wasn’t much of a distraction. Overall, I felt as if my skin could breath while being protected.

Wearing Anti-Freeze face tape brought some extra joy and playfulness to a beautiful day with friends. Hell, it even caught the attention of the Alta photographer for the area’s Photo of the Day.

Anti-Freeze Face Tape comes in three colors: Flesh, Blue and Pink. Available in select stores and online.


  1. Ridiculous product. I will stick with my bacavala. Never heard of anyone having cold sensation feelings in the nose. Fingers yes, but nose?

  2. Peter McCarville says:

    This is right next to the Ski Mojo!

    Is it policy that articles in Senior Skiing are product advertisement rather than “articles”?

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Peter, Thanks for the comment. Note that Anti-Freeze Face Tape is not an advertiser. The writer reports on her experience with the product. It’s balanced with positives and negatives. You also mention Ski Mojo, which does advertise. No articles about that product have appeared to date. I understand from Ski Mojo users that it is extremely effective. The people I’ve talked to love it. I look forward to publsihing an article about Ski Mojo. Jon

  3. Kathy Molnar Simpson says:

    I think this article is great! Keep info like this coming so we learn about new products that could make our ski days better.
    I would certainly want to try this, especially for areas not covered by a balaclava or neck-up.
    Advertising is not necessarily bad if it is done tastefully and informs the customer. Also Information is not necessarily advertising!

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