Check Out The Change In Equipment, Styles, Spectators Through The Years.

Leather, buckle boots. No helmet, skidding turns. Snow was still snow, though. Credit: Pathe
Leather, buckle boots. No helmet, skidding turns. Snow was still snow, though.
Credit: Pathe

Many thanks to the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance for posting this really interesting clip.  The CSIA got it from Skitourowe, a Polish ski travel group enticing visits to the Tatra Mountains, the highest mountains in Poland and part of the Carpathian chain in Eastern Europe.  In any case, it’s an interesting perspective on how ski racing has changed.


  1. A great video! Ah, the difference with no padding vs full armor and racing on 205’s vs. 165.s…

  2. The beauty and visuals of slalom were lost with the introduction of the Rapid gate. I remember when we (University of Utah) hosted and won the NCAA Division 1 National Championships at Park City, Utah in 1981. It was the first year that the Rapid gate was allowed in competition. Still skiers turned around the pole versus slamming through them like a Sherman tank through a cornfield.

    Longer skis and precise technique were the order of the day back then. How I miss that elegance that one needed to be a fluid and accomplished skier racer. Today’s slalom reminds me more of what ultimate fighting is to boxing.

    • Wesley Olson says:

      You got it Roo, I was in Aspen at the time working at the Aspen Racing Center at Aspen Highlands…I was used to carrying around bamboo gates and then had to carry the Rapid Gates..Took three trips around to set the course, then we just started using a snowmobile instead…However, also, the timing equipment got much better and more accurate. Some good and some not so good….

  3. Great video for many reasons. Breaking bamboo was a feeling of accomplishment. Head had a product for a short period of time that was painful and didn’t last long thankfully. It was the aluminum pole (gate) and I remember it being used at the “International Slalom Derby” at the Broadmoor Ski area in Colorado Springs in 1962…Billy Kid, Jimmy Heuga, Hans Pieter Lanning etc. No padding then! It also interesting to see the progress of turn initiation even with rapid gates. Bring back open, closed, and H gates!!

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