Subscribers Want To Know.  Here’s Where To Find The List.

On December 15th, we simultaneously announced our new list of skis for seniors, created in collaboration with, on Huffington Post and Since then, we have received a number of inquiries as to where to find the list.

If you are a subscriber, simply go to the top navigation bar, click on Community.  Then select Subscriber-Only Content.  In the drop down menu, you will find’s special offerings for subscribers. Click what you want to see and download.  You will be asked to confirm your email address and, bingo, the content you want will be available as a PDF download.

If you are not a subscriber, consider signing up.  It’s free, we have a lot of content in our inventory of stories, covering ski history and heroes, destination reviews, gear and clothing recommendations and lots of other senior-focused articles. You can find ski clubs near you, locate where seniors can ski for free, download a 16-page eBook of historic ski posters, and find instructions for getting serious discounts from top clothing and gear brands through

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