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Finding out about senior ski groups is like sharing tales around a campfire. A few words whet our interest and we sit on the edge of our seats waiting for more. As we build a list of senior ski groups, we have some exciting clues that really whet our interest, and we’re on the edge of our seats. So let’s throw another log on the fire, and help us fill gaps about the groups and add new groups to the list.

Skiing alone.                Photo: Jon Weisberg

Senior ski groups are usually not an official part of the ski areas, so they’re usually not mentioned on the websites. We have to find them other ways.

We especially need: where the group meets and when they meet. And tell if there’s a way to connect with a group or identify them on the hill. Some groups wear name tags, small flags on their ski poles, or a special patch on their jackets.

If you know of a senior ski group or can add more information about these groups, please fill in the Leave a Reply message box following this story.

Here’s what we have so far.

New Hampshire

Tom Jefferson perfectly sums up the need to connect with a senior ski group. “I was in the situation of being a lone skier as my partners of years past had either moved away, passed away, or given up the sport,” he said.

“I met a gent in the gondola at Loon Mt, NH with a TOHG flag attached to his pole. He told me about the Top of the Hill Gang. It has been a perfect fit for me and many others. Members throughout New England. Inexpensive, well planned regional trips along with an annual jaunt out West. Hiking, biking, etc. at other times of the year as well.”

Also in New Hampshire, a senior group meets at Waterville during the week, said Glen Lapham.

New York

“At Greek Peak in Virgil, New York we have a group called the TOGS – Tough Old Geezer Skiers. Very informal criterion for joining the crew. Preferably you have to be over 70 but we welcome youngsters in training for geezerhood,” said Gerald Rehkugler. “Many of us have chosen to wear name tags with our first name and the phrase Tough Old Geezer Skier emblazoned on a reg tag. Until the covid crisis we have had an end of the season Tough Old Geezer Skiers luncheon in March.


“I’m the current president of the 55+ Ski Club,” said Dave Werner. “It was started at Roundtop Mountain Resort located in York County, Pennsylvania, in 1979. We used to gather in the bottom of the lodge at 9:00 on weekdays, but due to the current Covid restrictions limiting indoor access, we just meet up with each other on the slope. More information about the club can be found by checking out our website at”


The 70+ Ski Club typically offers week-long trips to different US ski resorts and international ski destinations. Travels include everything: hotels, tickets, transportation, and of course cocktail parties and dinners together. It includes boomers, singles, and couples who like to stay active and travel.  Club members may enjoy free and discounted skiing and have developed lasting friendships.


“We are, a group of mostly seniors in Delaware. Yep, that’s right. In Dela-where? We ski in the Poconos in Pennsylvania every Tuesday in January and February. Come and join us,” said Idylle Patz.


The Alpine Ski Club is in Bloomington, Indiana, said Cathy Meyer, a trip leader for the club. “You will find folks who share your interests and schedules. Clubs are happy to welcome new members!”


Alta’s Wild Old Bunch (WOB) has been going strong for 50 years and its members come from all over the US and the world. The group gathers on weekdays about 11-11:30ish at the only round table in Alf’s mid-mountain restaurant for snacks and conversation. Some days it’s a large group while other days its just a few. It all depends on who’s skiing that day, and the virus has temporarily stifled some who would gather. On the hill, look for the large WOB patch that many wear on their jackets. For information about the WOB, email Alta’s Communications Manager Andria Huskinson: [email protected]

At Sundance, the Senior Ski Group meets every other week, offers a discounted day ticket on those days, and some days include coaching. For more information, click on Seniors Ski Group in previous sentence or contact Ralph Childs at 801-216-4178.


Charles Cheskin said, “On the Hill Gang Los Angeles is a senior ski club whose members are located primarily in the Los Angeles area. The group skis at Mammoth Mountain from Monday to Friday one week each month in January, February, March and April.  We meet each morning at 9:30 am outside the Canyon Lodge and break up into smaller groups of like skier ability.  Lunch is usually at mid mountain McCoy Station restaurant.  Apres ski is from 5:30 to 7:00pm in the breakfast room at the Sierra Lodge Hotel in Mammoth Village. We welcome new members!”

Also in California, “Snowbounders Ski Club in Orange County. Average age over 55. We ski locally midweek and have weeklong trips to Mammoth,” said Roger Phillips. Also monthly luncheons, several annual parties, hikes, etc. Costs $30 per year to join. All information is at our website

In the San Diego area, “The Don Diego Ski Club has been serving San Diego area skiers since 1959. We run three midweek bus trips to Mammoth Mountain every winter, along with hiking, biking and social outings all year. Most of our members are over 60,” said Ed Offstein.


The Gray Wolf Ski Club  serves the Seniors of the San Juans, including those skiing at Wolf Creek Ski Area, according to Jan Brunvand.

Rosie Piller says, “If you’re in the Boulder/Denver area, you can join the Flatirons Ski Club. We don’t have an age requirement, but most of us are seniors. We do day trips to Vail resorts in Summit and Eagle Counties and to nearby resorts on the Ikon Pass (Copper Mtn, Winter Park). We also have overnight trips to farther away places (Crested Butte, Steamboat, Aspen, Wolf Creek, Fraser/Winter Park, etc.).

She continues, “Copper Mountain has a wonderful seasonal program called the Over the Hill Gang. See for details. As you can see on the web page, this costs extra and it is intended to be used over a period of time (Jan – Mar, up to 4x a week), not for visitors who are in town just for a vacation week. You ski in groups led by instructors who give tips, but these are not official lessons.”

In addtion, she adds, “For holders of the Vail Epic Pass (or Vail Local Epic Pass) visiting Summit County, there’s the Summit 50+ Ski with Us Meetup( They meet Tuesdays at Breckenridge and Thursdays at Keystone and break up into groups to ski at different levels. No charge. Join the meetup to learn more.


First of its kind

This list is the very first of its kind. Thanks for getting it going. If you can add more info about these groups or if you know of another senior ski group. Please fill in the Leave a Reply message box following this story.



  1. Kent Schreiber says:

    Many of us find other skiers through the Meetup website and various Meetup Groups. Some such as the “New England Over 55 Ski Group” specify senior skiers, while others such as “Boston Ski/Snowboard Meetup” or “Spontaneous Skiing/Snowboard” don’t specify seniors. But most any of the postings for mid-week ski trips typically include mostly or all seniors, and I’ve been fortunate to find a number of ski buddies through posting trips on these sites.

  2. For senior skiers on Long Island and the New York Metropolitan area, the 50+ Ski Club provides opportunities to connect and ski with other senior skiers. We meet up and carpool each week to places like Hunter, Belleayre, and Windham. We also join up with the New Jersey Ski and Snowboard Council for trips to Jay Peak, Sunday River, Okemo, and others. Visit our website: , or our Facebook page (50+ Ski Club (Long Island) for more info. New members are very welcome.

  3. Richard Powell says:

    It would be nice to have senior ski clubs/groups information in the Midwest, namely in the Twin Cities area where I live.

    • Kathy Ciardo says:

      I have also been looking for a senior club in the Midwest. I live in northern Wisconsin and am a solo skier who is willing to travel but hate to drive a long distance to ski by myself. Always more fun to ski with others.

      • Richard Powell says:

        I have a small group of retired friends that I ski with in the Midwest, we travel around Minnesota, Wis, Michigan, just got back from a week in Colorado. We are avid skiers, but mainly just love to be outdoors. Email me if you would like an invite to our ski outings.

        • Hi,
          I would be happy to join group for skiing (4-7 days) I am 67, ski long long time 🙂 I am living in Quincy IL

  4. Looks like Waterville Valley, NH continues its Silver Streaks (50 and over) program. You can learn more on the Waterville Valley website under the Silver Streaks Seasonal Programs tag.

  5. Hi Harriet – In Vermont there are the Bromley Silver Griffins for skiers 60+ with a “sunny attitude.” For a nominal annual membership Silver Griffins have access to a reserved corner on the main floor of the lodge, midweek, non-holiday parking in the lot closest to the Main Lodge, discounts on binding check and ski sharpening services at rental shop and First Friday socials. Check it out at .

  6. Brad Huggins says:

    Looking for a Senior ski group at Park City Mtn.
    Will be skiing March 8-16.

  7. Silver skiers at Mt Rose Ski @tahoe
    This is a popular group in Reno they meet weds at 9 and break into free group lessons. Great bunch of instructors

  8. John E Farley says:

    A little more info on the Gray Wolf Ski Club – it holds 3 or 4 on-mountain luncheons at Colorado’s Wolf Creek ski area each season. Most Gray Wolves start and finish their ski days at the Base Camp lodge at the ski area, and you can often find some members of the group there, particularly on Tuesdays. Later on Tuesdays and also during the off-season, the group has happy hours at varying locations in Pagosa Springs. Check the website (linked in the article) for the current location. With more than 900 members, this is now one of the larger ski clubs in the U.S.

    • Hey John,
      I skied Wolf Creek for the first time during the last week of January. What a fun week. Man, I wish I had learned about the Gray Wolves before I got there. It would have been a great way to connect with some locals for a mountain tour and certainly a beer afterwards on Tuesday at SOCO. My ski buddy from Winston Salem and I plan to ski Wolf Creek again next season. Hope to meet up with some Gray Wolves then!! Take care and enjoy the snow!!!

      JP – Richmond, VA


    Additional information about the 70+ Ski Club: it’s nation–wide. Transportation to/from the resorts from home are not included, but all other transportation is. Leader Richard Lambert does an amazing job, and is to be commended for his wonderful abilities of planning every trip, problem-solving, and handling anything that comes up. For those of us who need roommates, he is a superior “matchmaker”.

  10. How about South Lake Tahoe
    Feb 6 to 12th?

  11. Hi,
    I am looking for company to ski this season 22/23.
    I am 67, ski more than forty years. Living in Quincy IL
    Meeting in airport, rent a car, go for skiing for few days, return to airport, share cost, It would be perfect arrangement.

  12. I’m looking for senior skiers from the San Antonio, Texas area. I’d like to join a group(s) for skiing anywhere, anytime. I’m 70, retired and have been skiing for over 40 years.

  13. Jeanne Urich says:

    Is there a senior ski group at Alpine Meadows, Palisades Tahoe or Northstar in Northern California? I’m looking for ski buddies – have been skiing hard for 50 years and have a second home at Squaw Valley aka Palisades Tahoe.

    • Richard Edwards says:

      Come over to Mt. Rose and join us in the Silver Ski program. We meet Mondays and Wednesdays at 9 – 12. Small groups with certified instructors assigned to each group. Richard Edwards, PSIA-Silver program Lead, Adult Ski School.

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