I found them at the Outdoor Retailers Winter Market.

"Come into my office and let's talk business." A buyer and seller seal a deal while sitting in the OR Show's prime office space—a tent. Credit: Harriet Wallis
“Come into my office and let’s talk business.” A buyer and seller seal a deal while sitting in the OR Show’s prime office space—a tent.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

It’s the largest show of its kind in the U.S., and it’s where manufacturers strut their stuff and retailers place orders for next year. The show is the launch pad for innovative products as well as redos of existing products.

I was on the hunt for products that would appeal to senior skiers. After walking down aisle after aisle, my eyes glazed over with too many socks, boots, jackets, snowshoes, and gadgets.

The show covers acres within Salt Lake City’s convention center. A limited number of passes are issued for media writers and photographers – such as SeniorSkiing.com. That’s how I got there.

I kept asking myself: “What would seniors like?” Here’s what I found:

alg Woolen MillsWool. This natural material regains popularity. The Johnson Woolen Mills in Johnson, Vermont, has produced American made wool products for 173 years. It’s a 4th generation company.


alg Power BarRefuel. Power Bar just launched a gluten free protein shake. Drink it to refuel at lunchtime or as a recovering drink as you head home. I tried it and like it. Currently available in convenience stores and bike shops.



alg NuunRehydrate with electrolytes. Drop a Nuun tablet into your water bottle and hydrate with electrolytes and without calories. New and improved with many subtle flavors. Nunn was invented about 11 years ago by a triathlete who wanted just water and electrolytes. I learned of Nuun when I did a story about the U.S. Ski Team’s executive chef and his recommendations for just regular athletes like us.


alg SOLSun protection. Sol is a highly effective sunscreen compounded from rub-in zinc and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Testing shows it doesn’t sting eyes or destroy fabrics and it stays on until you wash it off with soap and water. Available at dermatologists, some resorts and online. I tried the lip protector and it really stays on.


alg gogglesGoggle saver. It’s hard to stuff your expensive goggles into their snazzy bag to protect them. This elasticized cover does the job quickly.




 All photos—Credit: Harriet Wallis

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