Latest Prediction from WBZ-TV Meteorologist Forecasts Cold and Snow

With the season just getting started, we’ve been diligently watching snow forecasts as we know know you have as well.  As we reported in an earlier post, Joel Gratz, our favorite snow meteorologist who prognosticates at OpenSnow, has been compared a number of weather models and found a consensus for dry in the Northwest, snowy in the Far West, and uncertain from the Rockies to New England.  But, then he says, don’t trust long range forecasts.

2015 Snowfall Predictions for New England Credit: WBZ-TV Graphic
2015 Snowfall Predictions for New England
Credit: WBZ-TV Graphic

With a couple of more months of data and many models to contemplate, Barry Burbank, Boston’s WBZ-TV meteorologist, has just put a new winter prediction in play.  Barry says that he’s “relatively confident of a cold and snow winter overall.”  He is calling for more snow in the New England area, 10-20 inches above average, for a total forecast of 55-65 in Boston.  That places 2014-15 as the third consecutive year above average.  He also is calling for cold, speculating that the Polar Vortex that vexed the Midwest last winter will be moving eastward.  Below average temperatures should reign especially in January when he expects an “outbreak of arctic air.”

So, New England senior snow enthusiasts, this is good news.  It also means you have to dress for the weather, prepare your equipment your car, and your self.  As the old Swedish expression says: “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.”  Get ready.

Here’s Barry.  Click here for WBZ’s Winter 2015 video report.


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