If You’ve Been Into Snow Sports For A While, You’re Gonna Have Retro Clothes. Find Them, Take A Pic, And Send To Us.

We have hats from the 60s, sweaters from the 70s, boots from the first time we went cross-country skiing, knickers, lots of old stuff we could never toss.  Well, we’re having a bit of fun wearing them around the various snow fields (slopes, trails) that we habituate, now that snow is on the ground.

Send us a picture of you in your vintage togs, we’ll publish it and put them all together on a special page.  Will be fun to see what you’ve got in the back of your closet. Just send a JPEG or PNG to [email protected]

Even retro ski poles…Skiing at Appleton Farms, Ipswich, MA.
Credit: A. Maginn

Here’s a pic of yours truly in a 1966 Moriarty hat (bought at Mrs. Moriarty’s shop on the Stowe Mountain Road, by the way), a US Ski Team sweater by Montant from about 1972, and Mother Karen’s knickers circa 1970. (Props for still being able to squeeze into them.) Taken last weekend after Saturday’s snowstorm in the Boston Area.

Correspondent Jan Brunvand sent two pics.

Jan’s been wearing this jacket since high school.
Credit: Jan Brunvand

The first shows him wearing a nylon unlined jacket covered with ski patches, posing at main entrance of the Peruvian Lodge at Alta. This was taken on his 84th birthday, March 23, 2016. He’s had this jacket since high school and wore it through college over a heavy sweater on a regular basis. He’s added patches over the years, and is about to start putting them on the back. The label identifies the brand as “Ski Trail Sportswear” with the same name printed on the leather zipper pull.

The picture below shows Jan’s wife Judy wearing a wool Demetre sweater with a sleeve logo alluding to Spider Sabich (1945-1976), who was a participant in the 1968 Winter Olympics. She had it on at the mid mountain restaurant at Vail in 2013 when Jan spotted a young man wearing an orange, black and yellow version of the same sweater. He said his father had let him borrow the sweater for the trip west. Demetre also made a black, white and red version of this sweater, although I have never seen one, only pictures. 

Spider Sabich logo sweaters from the late 60s.
Still work.
Credit: Jan Brunvand

Finally, correspondent Tamsin Venn found a picture of real people in long ago outfits from a gathering of the Ski History folks a couple of years ago at Stowe.

More than retro, these outfits are just old-fashioned.
Credit: Tamsin Venn

Send yours in and we’ll see what senior skiers have been sequestering for decades.

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