Daredevil is becoming an -ism.  Here’s yet another impossible run.

We wonder if videos like this help recruit people to skiing or turn them off.  It sure looks, um, well, risky.  What do you think? Professional skiers Candide Thovex totally shreds Val Blanc.

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  1. I think there is a narrow demographic of young males that this video might motivate. I think most people know this is beyond either their skill or their desire. Our mountain has two terrain parks and a handful of instructors who are certified Freestyle Specialists. Neither are very busy.

    We don’t have a Terrain Based Learning (TBL) area and yet our bunny hill is always very active. Terrain parks and freestyle seem to be part of “conventional wisdom”. Conventional wisdom yields conventional results. Unless and until the industry finds the messages, imagery and products to get and keep new customers, participation-days will always be at risk.

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