Online Community For Women Skiers Reaches A Rare Milestone.

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It’s not often you see a website/blog/forum on the internet last for 10 years.  Truth be told, internet presence can be pretty ephemeral. Websites often rocket into cyber space, do an orbit or two and then fade into the ozone.  Think, AltaVista or MySpace. A notable exception is The Ski Diva, a meeting place for women skiers that is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month.

Our friend and colleague, Wendy Clinch, The Ski Diva herself, created an online community that focuses on the interests and needs of women who enjoy snow sports.  And it’s women-only. We love the idea of excluding men from the site and allowing women to focus on and discuss issues without feeling restricted or constrained.

Both men and women can join the birthday celebration, though.  Just click here.

Every year, The Ski Diva leads a couple of ski trips that attract members of the community.  It’s a lesson for us at There is vitality in pursuing a niche demographic, allowing it to find its own voice and providing a place for expression.

Thanks for being an inspiration, Ski Diva.  Happy Birthday and keep on keeping on.


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