Other Than A Book, A Bottle, Or Some Meaningless Gewgaw, It’s Not Easy To Find A Reasonably Priced And Relevant Gift For The Older Skier.

DeBooter: Easy-to-use ski boot jack. Credit: OutDoor Logic Solutions

DeBooter solves that dilemma. It’s a clever ski boot jack that makes boot removal fast and easy.

SeniorsSkiing.com readers can purchase DeBooter for less than $32, a 20% discount from the $39.95 retail. (Enter SeniorsSkiing at checkout.)

It’s simple. Loosen your buckles (obviously!). Place DeBooter on a flat surface. Anchor it with the toe of one foot and place the other heel in the jack. Lift your foot, and you’re painlessly free!!!

Full disclosure: DeBooter is an advertiser, and I’ve written about the product in the past. But many of you are gift shopping, and I’d be remiss not remind you of this perfectly designed device.

On several occasions, I’ve shared my DeBooter with others in the parking lot. Some of them contemporaries, some older, some younger. The reaction to having their ski boots pop off painlessly is universally positive.

David Johnson, who invented and manufactures the product, reports that most of his sales are in the US, and that they are increasing abroad.

If you’re looking for the right gift for the skiers on your list, look at DeBooter.



  1. Avatar Glenn Noonan says:

    I cut off a pair of Salvation Army skis. One for me, one for my wife. After adjusting them for boot size, we each have a debooter for about $5 eacn

  2. Avatar Jack Murray says:

    We used these for two days last weekend. Works really easy and without straining. Well worth the price.

  3. Avatar Dean Schaefer says:

    Used mine 5 times. They work really great. I will get alot of use out of them.

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