The Innovations Are Amazing. Here Are Three Top Picks For Seniors.

Vibram’s Arctic Grip soles won’t slip on ice no matter how hard you try.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Vibram – the company known for its hiking boot soles – has a new sole material it calls “Arctic Grip.” You can walk on solid ice and not slip. Really! To prove it, Vibram demonstrated on blocks of ice at its show booth.

Arctic Grip is used by six shoe companies on dress shoes to work boots: CAT, Hush Puppies, Saucony, Merrell, Sperry and Wolverine.

Stay toasty with heated ComfortWear in many styles.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

ComfortWear hooked up with Heat Factory which is known for its hand warmer packets. Now you can keep your entire body warm with clothing that’s designed with heat coils that are battery operated. Stay toasty as you ski, hunt or sit through a game in an outdoor stadium.

The most popular item is the heated neck scarf, said ComfortWear President Charles Hollcroft who owns the technology.

High tech Finbulvetr snowshoes have a funky egg-crate look, but they are made from a thermoplastic with flex underfoot and in the right places for steep uphill climbs or tough downhill descents. They’re designed and made in Norway where they really know their snow. They flex and move like no other snowshoe.

They were originally designed for the Norwegian military to carry heavy loads in the backcountry, said Christian Brunsvig, chief executive officer. Then the company created an additional model to suit a professional snowboarder who needed light weight but extreme performance for his uphill climbs. The long model is for long haul expeditions.

Norwegian snowshoes are lightweight and efficient.
Credit: Harriet Wallis


The Outdoor Retailers show is the largest product show of its kind in the US, and it’s staged in Salt Lake City. It brings product manufacturers from all over the world together with retail buyers who can see, touch and try new products and then place orders for the coming season. A few passes are issued to media writers and photographers – such as That’s how I got in.

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A mariachi band gets people dancing before the Outdoor Retailers show opens.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

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