Finding someone to play with was easy when we were kids. “Can Johnny come out and play?” But as seniors, it’s not easy to find someone to ski with. Ski friends drop out, move away, or go to the great beyond. is an amazing source of information. Here’s what happened recently: A skier emailed me saying: “I saw your stories in and I want to connect with senior skiers in the Salt Lake area when I’m out there this winter. I’ve heard about Alta’s senior group called the Wild Old Bunch. How do I connect with them?”

The Wild Old Bunch meets daily at the only round table in Alf’s, mid-mountain at Alta. Photo Harriet Wallis

That was easy. I told her all about the Wild Old Bunch – the upbeat group of senior skiers who gather about 11- 11:30-ish weekdays for camaraderie and snacks at the only round table in Alf’s mid mountain restaurant. It might be a big group or maybe just a few. It just depends on who’s skiing that day. They talk about all kinds of things: golf, plumbing, road trips and more. You’ll likely meet someone who skis the way you like to ski.

Look for the WOB patch. Photo: Harriet Wallis

Enthusiastic WOB-er Bob Phillips said: We welcome anyone who shows up to join us at the round table. It’s a good way to find a ski buddy. And on the hill, look for the smiley face WOB patch that many wear on their jackets.

Bet you’re thinking: “I won’t be at Alta. How do I find ski buddies?”

Nationwide, the 70+ Ski Club is a senior club that typically has a handful of week-long trips to US and foreign destinations. Travels include everything: hotels, tickets, transportation, and of course cocktail parties and dinners together. It says: ”Since 1977, 70 Plus Ski Club members have enjoyed free and discounted skiing, developed lasting friendships, and skied together at resorts worldwide.”

Bet you’re still thinking: “I want to find ski buddies. How do I do it?”

Many areas have ski hosts who conduct mountain tours. The tours usually are a few hours, and participating in one may help you meet someone with comparable skills.

Another suggestion: Many older skiers read, so let’s start a list of senior ski groups across the country. Just fill in the Leave a Reply message box following this story and we’ll get this going.

What ski area?

In what state?

Does the group have a name?

Where do they gather?

A certain day of the week? Daily?

What time?

Do they ski together? Ski with a guide? Other?

Please add everything else you’d like skiers to know. is an amazing source of information. Using the site to create a central registry of senior ski groups will benefit the entire community. Let’s do it!


  1. Hi Harriet,
    Loved this piece, will be out in Little Cottonwood in March, and now I’ll know to look for the WOB-ers!

    • Hi John, Skiing alone Canyons, Utah slopeside days on hill Feb 28- March 5
      I am too fast for my own good 69 ex racer female on Stockli Laser ARs- amazing skis BTW. I am celebrating a big birthday day by splurging on a week in Park City which I have not been to in a long while and my 3 possible playmates all had to bow out ( Canyons Feb 28, March 1, Deer Vally March, 2 and 3 and Park City Proper March 4,5) I like to start right at 9 and with a short break finish at 1:30 or 2pm . All in the sun ( or some new snow please). WOuld love to tag along with others sticking to non stops of the groomer or can show me around. Caryn

      • Don Lorenzetti says:

        Hi Caryn, I am also an ex racer and would love to join you in a day or more of skiing. I am leaving Aspen tomorrow and was heading to Park City but their base is very limited.
        I would like to hear from you and don’t get confused over the email, it’s my employment address for hiring new employees. Don

        • Don Lorenzetti says:

          Good morning, I am not sure you check this site often, but just incase I am going to give you my phone number. Because I am heading to Utah today and I am using a temporary flip phone and the only way for me to receive anything is by phone. Would love to ski with a real skier. Don

  2. Harriet
    I’m in NYC and would love to find buddies to do day trips in NY, NJ or CT.
    Do you happen to know any local clubs I could contact?

  3. Red Sheridan says:

    Harriet, I met you at Powder Mtn. while skiing with Gary & Sandy Nielsen.
    My pleasure and good luck. This is old Red from Pinehurst , North Carolina and thank you for supporting this potential ” Buddy ” finder list. So to answer some of the questions, here goes. Best ski areas – UTAH, Alta – Snowbird, Brighton – Solitude, Deer Valley – Park City,
    ( but very expensive ). . What is this group name ? Meetings by E/mail perhaps ? Hopefully ski together in small 4 to 6 groups ? Great idea !

  4. Kevin Toolan says:

    Looking for ski buddies at Okemo in Vt?

    • I mostly ski Okemo. At times I’m on my own and would like to connect with a group. Is there one?

      • Val Scarborough says:

        I haven’t skied Okemo, but I have an Epic Pass and would love to check it out–especially with a skier who knows the mountain. My home mountain is Cannon in NH.

  5. Kermit Witherbee says:

    Come to Loveland Basin, CO. Lots of mid week seniors, friendly family area and about 1 hour west on I-70 from Denver.

  6. I am in Colorado, looking for group or organization of senior skiers. Like to car pool, go snow skiing.

  7. Hi there, has anyone mentioned “The FOGS”?
    They usually hang out at Solitude.

  8. Carol Harlow says:

    I am looking to get back into skiing, downhill and cross country. I would be interested in going somewhere in the Tahoe are. I was an intermediate skier last time I was out. Might anyone be interested in going with me and/suggesting the right places to go to get some decent bunny slope-type terrain, and groomed cross country trrrain to go to?

  9. Kathy Hanley says:

    I am looking for a ski group (or individuals) who like to ski the Nevada side of Heavenly Ski Resort, primarily on weekdays. Or possibly starting a group.

  10. I just joined a Chicago area group that’s trying to address this exact issue.

  11. Bruce Baglien says:

    Looking for carpool/ski buddy Mount Baker, WA


  12. Don Diego Ski Club has been serving San Diego area skiers since 1959. We run three midweek bus trips to Mammoth Mountain every winter, along with hiking, biking, and social outings all year. Most of our members are over 60.

  13. Alway nice to hear of gatherings of senior skiers for companionship and story telling. At Greek Peak in Virgil, New York we have a group called the TOGS. Tough Old Geezer Skiers. Very informal criterion for joining the crew. Preferably you have to be over 70 but we welcome youngsters in training for geezer hood! Been going for over 10 years. I’m a charter member. Friend Pat Ryan came up with the idea and many of us have chosen to wear name tags with our first name and the phrase Tough Old Geezer Skier emblazoned on a red tag. Until the covid crisis we have had an end of the season Tough Old Geezer Skiers luncheon in March.
    For a number of years I have written a blog which focuses on geezer life both on the slope and in society. Primarily for my amusement and to keep this now 86 year old mind sharp.
    I am a small ski area skier now. Alta and Snowbird were my preferred west venues. Miss skiing there with my retired son who lives in Salt Lake City.

  14. Dawn Lindhurst says:

    Looking for skiing buddy/buddies at Snowbasin and Park City Utah. I will arrive for the winter on January 17 and if snow is good stay until the middle of March or later. I ski most days except Saturdays. I am an advance skier that likes both groomer runs and going off piste including some of those double blacks! Would love to hear from you if this sounds good.

    • Don Lorenzetti says:

      Hi Dawn, My name is Don and I am a former ski instructor from Sun Valley. I am leaving Aspen on 3-5-2022 heading to Utah with no specific plans. Am open to ski anywhere as long as there is a deep snow base. I use this email address for hiring summer employees in Washington state. Don

  15. On the Hill Gang Los Angeles is a senior ski club whose members are located primarily in the Los Angeles, California area. The group skis at Mammoth Mountain from Monday to Friday one week each month in January, February, March and April. We meet each morning at 9:30am outside the Canyon Lodge and break up into smaller groups of like skier ability. Lunch is usually at mid mountain McCoy Station restaurant. Apres ski is from 5:30 to 7:00pm in the breakfast room at the Sierra Lodge Hotel in Mammoth Village. We welcome new members!

  16. we are, a group of mostly seniors in Delaware. Yep, that’s right. In Dela-where? We ski in the Poconos in Pennsylvania every Tuesday in January and February. Not as good as Colorado or Utah, but we are still skiing. Come and joins us if you get back east.

  17. I’m the current president of the 55+ Ski Club, which was started at Roundtop Mountain Resort located in York County, Pennsylvania, in 1979. We used to gather in the bottom of the lodge at 9:00 on weekdays, but due to the current Covid restrictions limiting indoor access, we just meet up with each other on the slope. More information about the club can be found by checking out our website at

    • In years past, I enjoyed the Senior Development Program on Tuesdays at SkiRountop. Are you offering that again this year? How can I connect with that group? Does it start the first Tuesday in January?

  18. Artski Sexauer says:

    Mount Lacrosse
    Every day at opening. Pole position parking for me most days.
    Lacrosse WI

  19. Rosie Piller says:

    Full disclosure: I’m the skier who wrote to Harriet about finding ski partners during my upcoming visit to Salt Lake! (Thank you, Harriet!) I have both the Epic Local Pass and the Ikon Base Pass, so I can ski lots of places near SLC. In addition to skiing with the WOBs at Alta, and hopefully the FOGS at Solitude, are there other groups or people I could join while I am there? I expect to ski Jan 10-14. I guess you could call me an advanced skier: I like black runs but am also happy on blues, especially if they have moguls. By the way, if this turns out to be a popular thread, we may want to put together a spreadsheet at some point, by state and by resort. I can help with that.

  20. Rosie Piller says:

    Regarding Colorado:
    If you’re in the Boulder/Denver area, you can join the Flatirons Ski Club. You can google it. We don’t have an age requirement, but most of us are seniors. We do day trips to Vail resorts in Summit and Eagle Counties and to nearby resorts on the Ikon Pass (Copper Mtn, Winter Park). We also have overnight trips to farther away places (Crested Butte, Steamboat, Aspen, Wolf Creek, Fraser/Winter Park, etc.).
    Copper Mountain has a wonderful seasonal program called the Over the Hill Gang. See for details. As you can see on the web page, this costs extra and it is intended to be used over a period of time (Jan – Mar, up to 4x a week), not for visitors who are in town just for a vacation week. You ski in groups led by instructors who give tips, but these are not official lessons.
    For holders of the Vail Epic Pass (or Vail Local Epic Pass) visiting Summit County, there’s the Summit 50+ Ski with Us Meetup ( They meet Tuesdays at Breckenridge and Thursdays at Keystone and break up into groups to ski at different levels. No charge. Join the meetup to learn more.

    • Thanks so much Rosie for the great information. I am newly retired and fulfilling a dream by renting a condo in Frisco for a month (I live on the East Coast) so was concerned about finding ski buddies. Think this will definitely help.

  21. Can a senior meetup group be accomplished without becoming a “click?” I do realize what appears as a click could actually be only because of those who meet up every day. What suggestions does experience organizers of a senior meetup group have to offer in suggesting how a group could organize when seniors only ski 1 or 2 days a week. How do you sway seniors to adopt skiing in a group on specific day(s) of a week? How about some other pointers or tips in finding what commonality are focal points that draw seniors into giving a ski group a chance? Steps, may be what a start-up group needs to hear about from those who have already created a group structure setup? How many use a facebook group to bring organization to a get-together group? How many hours would a typical organizer donate in order to keep a group moving up, moving forward in sharing their time skiing together as a cluster group? Lastly, what not to do, to avoid dislikes among the members once you get off the ground?

  22. Tom Jeffeson says:

    I was in that situation of being a lone skier as my partners of years past had either moved away, passed away, or given up the sport. I met a gent in the gondola at Loon Mt, NH with a TOHG flag attached to his pole. He told me about the Top of the Hill Gang. It has been a perfect fit for me and many others. Members throughout New England. Inexpensive, well planned regional trips along with an annual jaunt out West. Hiking, biking, etc at other times of the year as well

    • I am interested in finding out about the Top of the Hill Gang or other senior groups in NH. I have been out of skiing for a while because of a problem with my right foot. I miss skiing big time and I have decided to try and match up to a custom boot and try to get back into it.

  23. Jan Brunvand says:

    Sundance ski resort in Utah has senior pricing and a senior ski group that meets on specific days. The Sundance website has information.Also there is the big and very active Grey Wolves club of seniors at Wold Mt., Pagosa Springs, CO. I have skied with the former, but not the latter.

  24. Jan Brunvand says:

    I meant Wolf Mountain, or is it Wold Creek? Anyway, Pagosa Springs. I’m too antsy not skiing on a sunny snowy day at Alta this weekend. Be back out there tomorrow when it should be less crowded up the Cottonwood Canyons.

  25. As trip leader for the Alpine Ski Club, Bloomington, Indiana, I encourage you to check out your local ski club. They tend to have many older members and plan ski trips as well as other activities. You will find folks who share your interests and schedules. If you google “ski club” and your town, you can find them. Clubs are happy to welcome new members!

  26. Snowbounders Ski Club in Orange County, CA, average age over 55. We ski locally midweek and have weeklong trips to Mammoth. Also monthly luncheons, several annual parties, hikes, etc. Costs $30 per year to join. All information is at our website Or call membership chairman Mike at (714) 612-0467.

  27. David Marshall says:

    It’s great to read about the Over The Hill Gang. I think I’ve seen them at their table when I’ve vacationed at Alta without realizing they were a group I’d be welcome to join.
    It’s also great to see so much other interest in the plight of the lonely older skier.
    I expect to ski a lot this winter at Red Mountain, BC, and Jackson Hole. I’d love to hear from anyone who would care to ski with me, mostly off-piste, at either of those places, or at Whistler, or at my home mountain, Crystal Mtn., WA.
    David Marshall, [email protected], 206.949.9860.

    • Don Lorenzetti says:

      I noticed you ski Crystal, I’ll be there in one week and would like to ski with you except I SKI Green Valley anything steep but not with moguls. If interested my name is Don. 509-370-3066

  28. David Marshall says:

    Oops! I meant to say I saw the Wild Old Bunch at Alta. ‘Sorry to get the name wrong.

  29. Hi I have seen Top of Hill gang and interested in that but would be interested to see if there are any other groups which might meet on weekends for over 55+.
    Seems only thing here in New England is TOHG and one which meets At Waterville during week.
    Ski most NH areas on weekends. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks

  30. 72 year old guy that has not skied in 30 years. I am looking for a ski buddy about my age that can help me get back in the grove. Northeast PA resident. Once I get back to it I have a desire to go back out West where I had some great fun in some great ski areas.

    • Hi Nick,
      As an aging ski nut – and current ski instructor – my thoughts are two: 1) have fun!! and 2) start slowly and absolutely take 2 or 3 lessons. This will help you plug in correct thoughts, and also act as a safety brake on the hidden teenage boy that lurks within!!

  31. Do you know of any groups in Tahoe?

  32. Michael Holland says:

    Very interesting thread, happy to see it. I am a member of the Don Diego Ski club in San Diego, which Ed mentioned does three organized ski trips a year. However, I like the flexibility of going when the conditions are great. I am an intermediate to advanced skier in my 70s who has skied many western ski areas in Canada, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, California and Montana. However, I am not interested in skiing moguls anymore. I would benefit from a website or a FB site where I could list where I want to go, when and if anyone else is interested in meeting up there. Anyone planning to ski any of these areas in the next few months and would like to have a ski buddy, my contact info is [email protected] or text me at 858 735 9600

  33. Any seniors ski Bogus Basin, Idaho?

    My 72 year old husband could use a ski buddy, or a senior ski club.

  34. How about a Senior Powderchaser Group ? With IKON. EPIC and INDY passes, I chase the storms to catch the best conditions. I am 60 years old and would love to have a forum to set up meets with other senior skiiers (or snowboarders) looking for powder and wanting to get together for morning coffee, ripping up the hill and great apres at various locations. We do know some pretty good spots between I-25 and and the Pacific Ocean from north to south. We’ve been most everywhere on the EPCi and IKON, and this season we are working on the INDY as well.
    Not much chasing experience on the east coast for us, but we are always open-minded. It’s January 14, 2022 as I write this and no western storms in the next 10 days, but as soon as the pattern shifts, it would be great to have a place to announce a chase to possibly meet up with some like minded seniors.

  35. Debbie Hayes says:

    Looking for ALTA March 2022 skiers to tag along with. I’m in the 60’s category.

    Planning to be there 3 weeks. Texas native. Living in Georgia. Fell in love with Alta years ago. Will be going the AirBnB or rent from a friend route. So, also, if any of you rent out a room or know of a reasonably priced room near the bus route or the mouth of the canyon, I would love to hear from you.

  36. Judy Theiler says:

    Does anyone know of any groups in Tahoe?

    • There is a group in the Bay Area through called Snowdrifters. I am looking to re connect with them myself!

  37. I ski in New England primarily Sunday River Maine} and I would love to connect with people who ski mid-week. I also have an Ikon pass. Any suggestions on groups I can contact?

    I am looking for a group that has some older folks who like to ski and be outside but don’t want to kill themselves down a double black.

    Thanks for any help

  38. I’m David Dubin, a retired teacher in San Jose Ca. . I am hoping to go to whistler this year as I have the full epic pass and my passport this year!. Perhaps someone is willing to split a room with me to make the trip more affordable. I am in a relationship, but my girlfriend does not ski. I’m open to making new friends. Late January or early February might work, or even February or March, 2023. Feel free to contact me! So far I have just been going to Heavenly in South Lake Tahoe so I am open to trying Park City, Vail, or whistler if possible!

    • Julie Desmond says:

      Hi David,
      I live in Los Angeles.Used to go to Whistler with my husband many times,he passed,but I love skiing.
      I can not share a room,but love to have a skiing partner.
      Would you be interested?
      Any of the dates would be ok for me.
      I can’t go to Vail because of the elevation.Whistler or Mt Bachelor would be my choices.
      Please,contact me if you are interested.

  39. Julie Desmond says:

    I am living in California,would like to ski at Whistler,Canada this winter.Looking for a senior partner or a group there. I am an intermediate skier.-

  40. Michael Filchock says:

    Hi All,

    I was glad to see and have signed up for the newsletter. New to 59 yo male. Will be in Steamboat March 1, 2023 to March 6, 2023 and seeking to join up with some other senior skiers who may be there at that time. If anyone is interested in meeting up to ski, please let me know. Some questions, if anyone is interested, are: is there a local senior ski group at Steamboat that regularly meets? Is there a particular day, place and time to meet? If anyone is interested and willing to share information, thank you.
    Mike Filchock
    Charlotte NC
    [email protected]

  41. I am retired and ski New England and would love to find a ski buddy or group. I live north of Boston and generally ski Sunday river but …have skis will travel! I have joined some ski clubs but they are primarily about taking trips not local skiing. What’s a girl to do?
    Thanks for any suggestions.

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