Check More Results From SubscriberSurvey 2015.

UphillMuch to our happiness and gratification, the SubscriberSurvey 2015 was a tremendous source of insight and guidance. We reported the highlights in March with a promise to provide some more detail. What follows are more interesting responses to some of our questions.

We asked you to rate the importance to SeniorsSkiing subscribers of the amenities provided by ski areas and resorts. Here are the results in rank order:

Amenity Very Important or Critical
Discounted Lift Tickets and Season Passes 100%
Easy Access From Parking To Lifts 76%
Newsletters/Web Pages For Senior Activities 50%
Other Discounts (Food, Rentals, Gear) 50%
Ski Lessons Tailored For Seniors 46%
Family/Group Discounts 36%
Walkable Base Lodge With Shops, Restaurants 34%
Meeting Place For Seniors 31%
Set-Aside Areas in Lodge For Seniors 22%
Valet Parking 4%

Here’s what kind of content topics you said you’d like to see in These reflect the results for Very or Extremely Interested ratings only.Note these are just the Very Important or Critical responses. Clearly, discounts are a universal need for seniors. And, there are also some ideas here about access from parking lots, information sharing, discounts, ski lessons and other ideas that can make a Senior Skier’s time at a ski area or resort more valuable and attractive. It’s interesting that some of these ideas are really low-cost expenses for the ski area.

Topic Very or Extremely Interested
Gear For Seniors Reviews 72%
Destination Profiles For Seniors 67%
Health, Nutrition, Fitness 60%
Legends, Heroes, History 58%
SnowSport Industry News 54%
Features about People, Places, Things 54%
Restaurant Reviews 17%

Finally, we see that you report skiing with family and grandchildren about an average of 8.6 days a season. That’s an impressive amount, considering the median number of ski days per season for our subscribers is 9.7. We used median for the number of ski days because 55 percent of you skied over 30 days a season, skewing that data ‘way northward. Now that’s passion in action.We also notice your average age is 69.4 and 44% of you belong to ski clubs.

Several respondents said they’d be interested in contributing articles to our online magazine next season. Thank you! That’s a terrific endorsement. Please contact us at [email protected] with your ideas and we will get right back to you.

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