Changes In Uphill Capacity For 2015-16 Already Planned.

As we reported last October, the deal is now done.  Deer Valley has scooped up Solitude Resort, put a new general manager in place and is announcing lots of capital improvements for next season. Read all about it here. 

Will Deer Valley Change The Sign? Credit: CityWeekly.Net
Big Changes Coming From New Lifts To Restaurant Renovations.
Credit: CityWeekly.Net


  1. Yeah, big changes, and not necessarily for the better. Deer Valley means ridiculously high prices, inaccessibility for most people, ugly McMansions littering the hill, and sorry, but I have skied in Europe and think the food in Deer Valley kinda sucks. Too bad for Solitude fans.

  2. Flying in from Seattle and Heading for Solitude for 4 nights end of Feb. wanted to try something different from Snowbird et al. Usually head for Canada but not enough time. Is this going to be a mistake? Wanted to park the car and not need it. My buddy and I ski pretty hard. But we already got a dose of the high condo prices. Comment, anyone?– best way to hit the 3 days on the slopes–?
    We’ve found accommodations in Canada generally better since a basic condo comes with a private hot tub on your deck. None of this community stuff.

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