Here’s What You Can Do To Manage Your Inevitable Osteoarthritis.

If you’re a snow-sport enthusiast and subscriber to, you are most likely a senior with an active life style.  We know from our SubscriberSurvey 2015 that many of our respondents not only enjoy Alpine skiing, but also Nordic and snow shoeing, and you ski a lot.  More than 55 percent of the responses say they ski more than 30 days a season.  Anecdotally, we’ve also heard how our subscribers love to hike, cycle, kayak and generally keep moving all year round.

In a recent article by NY Times Personal Health columnist Jane Brody, we see how critically important it is for seniors to keep that kind of active lifestyle.  Not only does activity help stem arthritis, reasonable levels of activity help avoid other chronic health problems. Brody quotes a researcher at the Alabama Research Institute on Aging: “As we get older, if we don’t get up and move around as much as we can, then we soon won’t be able to move at all.”

Read the Comments section attached to this article as well.  There are some insights and advice from NY Times readers you might find interesting.  If you’d like to comment on, please do.  How do you stay active?  What does that do for you?  What’s your challenge in keeping in motion?  What works that you can share?

NY Times Columnist explains why activity is a way to fight arthritis. Credit: NY Times.
NY Times Columnist explains why activity is a way to fight arthritis.
Credit: NY Times.

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