…And Other (Unusual) Tips On How Everyone Can Stay Warm.

Yup, it’s cold outside. Credit: Harriet Wallis

We all have our tricks to stay warm when the temperature plunges. Here are a few you might not have thought of.

Cheapo Hand Warmers

Cheapos worn under your ski gloves might work.

I’ve used the shake-’em-up hand warmer packets and tried every kind of liner. Splurge $1 and buy the stretchy little gloves that you can find everywhere: grocery stores, drug stores, big box stores. The knit fabric is the best for keeping my hands warm. Most are black, but choose a colorful pair. You’ll have a better chance of seeing them should you drop them on the locker room floor.

Hot Buns

If you buy those little gloves, then you won’t need the hand warmer packets in your gloves. Instead, put them between your base layers, especially if your ski pants gap in the back. The packets stay in place between base layers and they keep your lower back warm.

Potato Ears

Before the days of microwave ovens, my mother stuck a nail into each potato before baking. The nail conducted heat into the potato, and it sped up cooking. The same concept applies to earrings on cold days. A post through your ear conducts the cold into your body. Skip the fashion statement. Stay warmer.

[Editor Note: Eyeglass frames can also be cold conductors. Try skiing with prescription goggles or contacts, or go native and take off your specs.]

Two (Or Three) Sock Day

Wear one pair to the mountain, then change your socks before you put on your boots. Feet exude moisture even if you swear your feet don’t sweat. If it’s a really bitter day, change your socks at lunchtime too. It makes a big difference. I dare you to try it.

Some Assembly Required

About that black underwear. On really cold days, it’s a project to get assembled: Tuck this in, pull this up, pull that down over.

My base layers are black, and so are some of my undies. More than once I’ve toddled out of the ladies room wondering why I’m hobbled. Duh. Too many black layers. My underpants are still way down there. Retreat and reassemble. Don’t wear black undies on cold days. Go for your brightly colored ones. They’re easy to see as you put yourself together.

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  1. Carolyn Hughes says:

    Great tips! Thanks!

  2. Yvette Cardozo says:

    Too, too funny. OK, bright red undies …

  3. Love the black underwear story! That often happens on my first day out before I get everything organized.

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