One Heck Of A Long Run.

Amazing vistas on a long, long at Les Deux Alpes

We’re getting hooked on these top-to-bottom videos.  For one thing, they are showing us ski resorts we have not visited. That alone is interesting in a vicarious vacation kind of way.  For us New England-oriented skiers, this video of the French Alps resort of Les Deux Alpes opens up a whole new world of skiing. Open piste, fantastic views, webs of lifts coming and going. Truly different from the narrow, twisty, pine and hemlock lined ice tracks we have become used to. So interesting. Although, one wonders where one should go if and when the fog and clouds descend.

For another thing, we are seeing, in this case, a run that goes from an altitude of 3600 meters to 1600 meters, roughly a mile of vertical. And it takes 13 minutes without a stop.  Tell that to your quads.

We hope you enjoy these “vacations”. You can read a view of Les Deux Alpes (or L2A, as it is called) here from’s collection of resort reviews.

Thanks to Alexandru Comsa for posting this video. (Note: this video is 13 minutes long. You may have an ad pop-up at the 1o-minute mark. Just click “Skip Ad” to get back to the run.”


  1. John Griffin says:

    Je connais Les Deux Alpes. J’étais un étudiant à l’Université de Grenobles pendant l’année scolaire 1960-1961. J’allais souvent faire du ski à Les Deux Alpes, et à Alpes d’Huez.

  2. Keith Egan says:

    If I started this as the first run of the day, covered my quads in AMP PR, wore compression pants, and made very little turns, 1/4 of this might be possible.

  3. Alice Kane says:

    “Back in the day,” – lotsa years ago – I’d never skied Europe, but was mesmerized by the thought of skiing in open terrain, above the treeline. I viewed these amazing hillocks and domes and mounts and thought — “OMG! In Europe you can ski ANYWHERE you want.” I assumed that ALL that terrain was part of the available skiing and that you could ski ANYWHERE – up & down & all around those vast open mt. ranges! With video photography then being SO much less ‘discernible,’ I had NO idea that there were actual TRAILS that one needed to ski down those incredible mts. Bwahahahaha! Yup. They were SO much like the trails I skied at home! ;-D Oh well…skiing above treeline was STILL beautiful, but I learned to equally appreciate the forest landscape in my North East haunts.

  4. Rob Spencer says:

    Wonderful film, having not skied for 350 days it made feel as I was there, roll on 22 season

  5. Such a great memory. The first place I ever skied. 1974. IF you could call what I did that day without lessons skiing. But I fell in love!

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