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Editor’s note: Virtually all of us have amusing or near-miss skiing stories. Send in your stories and we’ll publish the most interesting…along with an original Mike Roth cartoon depicting the event.

This story is from Carole Gray of the United Kingdom:

Just under twenty years ago we invited our friend Kath on a ski holiday to La Plagne, France. In her late 50s, she had never skied before but loved it from the first. One memorable day, she lost control on a green slope. Gathering more and more speed, Kath was heading straight for a wooden hut at the bottom of the run. Poor Kath was panicking and totally unable to stop. Another friend, who had taught British soldiers to ski and survive in winter conditions, leapt into action. She was on snowblades and managed to intercept Kath just before she collided with the hut. Scary at the time, but we all laughed about it later. Remarkably this didn’t put Kath off. she decided that “at my age I don’t have enough years left to just go skiing once a year.” So she worked as a chalet maid for two seasons  in order to learn to ski as quickly as possible. Now 76, she’s a really good skier and goes 3 or 4 weeks a year.

Have a ski story of your own? Send it to [email protected]. We’ll select the most entertaining to be published, along with an original Mike Roth illustration!


  1. My own experience involves catching an edge and going down on a VERY slick run in Argentina. I was sliding, on my back, no way to easily flip and try to arrest. But the guide with me took off at top speed, got below me and let me just crash (unharmed) into him. I was MUCH more careful on that run afterwards.

  2. Well Yvette, that cartoon could’ve you also

  3. Sorry, could have been you!

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