Ski license plates are definitely a thing. The call for additions to the gallery published in the last issue received a healthy response from readers around the country.

Margery Martin, who lives near Minneapolis, has been collecting pictures of ski-oriented license plates for years. Several of her favorites have been added to the gallery; more to follow.

Boyd Allen, Exeter, NH, frequents Mad River, Gunstock, Waterville Valley and Wildcat. Given his 3-PIN plate, we assume he’s a tele-skier.

Richard Brewer, Cohoes, NY, writes that he’s “a proud member of the Corduroy Cowboys.” He skis mostly Mt. Snow, Hunter and Gore. In the past it was Whiteface, hence the Ski Face plate.

Scott Paine, a subscriber since 2017, sent in the ALTA license.

Andrew Howe’s SAILSKI plate states his two main interests.

John Vyverberg sent SKI ONE.

Arthur Sexauer’s Wisconsin plate reads ARTSKI. He also submitted BMPSKR.

Mike Rector’s Missouri plate states, SKI BUM.

Tony McCurdy’s Pennsylvania plate is ESQUIAR,”Spanish for “to ski.”

And Nancy Wilson’s New Jersey plate reads, SGRBUSH.

Finally, Cyndy Gal Scholz’s Colorado plate (she’s a longtime Copper Mountain instructor who guides and teaches in the area’s Over the Hill Gang program) is in the form of a practical advertisement: LRN2SKI.

If you run across a skiing license plate and want to add it to the SeniorsSkiing license plate picture gallery, take a picture (preferably close up and straight on) and send it to [email protected]. We’ll do our best to credit each contributor.


  1. For years I had the plate SKI-121. If one is familiar with Psalm 121, it is considered the skier’s psalm. Supposedly for our protection!

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Just read Psalm 121 for first time. I understand why it is considered the skier’s prayer. Thank you for calling that to our attention. Jon

  2. Patti+Farkas says:

    My husband (going on 89) and I (81) ski at Alta Jan through Mar every year. I make him drive out through the parking lot slowly so I can enjoy all the plates, vanity or not. I have seen plates from all 50 states – yes, including Alaska and Hawaii. Of course, sometimes they’re mostly covered in Utah’s wonderful powder!!

    • John Whitney says:

      Love hearing stories like yours of true skiers who continue to enjoy the sport, regardless of age. I’ll be turning 70 this year, my 59th on the slopes, and I’ve gotta thank you for the added inspiration. Keep sliding, keep turning, and keep enjoying that wonderful pow!

  3. Anthony Summit says:

    Two cars hence two sets of NYS plates SUM SKIS and SKI SUM.

  4. I don’t have a plate but a license plate frame
    “ when hell freezes over .. I’ll ski there too “

  5. Ham Pakradooni says:

    I recently sent in a picture of my plate (TNK SNO).
    Around March every year my neighbors tell me to get rid of the plate or leave.

    Think Snow, Ham

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