There’s a joy to walking through the parking lot, skis on shoulder on the way to the lift or at the end of the day. People wishing you a good day, asking how the day went, commenting on the snow, sitting on a lawn chair sipping a cold one. 

The often-unnoticed backdrop to this gemutlichkeit is the ski-oriented vanity license plate. This aspect of skiing passion extends across the spectrum. You’re as likely to spot one on a beaten up 4-Runner as you are on a new Range Rover.

I started collecting pictures of these bad boys a few years ago. Most were shot at Alta and other Utah resorts. (There was a time when Alta posted its own gallery of plates reading ALTA.) Some were captured in big cities, far from mountains. 

If you have a skiing license plate or run across one and want to add it to the gallery, take a picture (preferably close up and straight on) and send it to [email protected]. We’ll do our best to credit each contributor.

In the meanwhile, enjoy these…

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  1. Carrie Peterson says:

    Marge Martin and I have plates for you (you have been emailing her)
    I have a request before our submission.
    Please send me your email.
    Thanks much!

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