Too Soon, The Groundhog Is Seeing Spring In New England.

While our friends in the west are dealing with blizzard conditions, those of us in the east are practicing patience. Why? The winter is an on-again, off-again affair around here.  This week, it’s off.  Mad River Glen and Bromley are temporarily shutting their lifts until this weekend.  An inch of rain is coming, and there wasn’t much of a base to begin with.

But optimism is a key characteristic of snow people.  In a statement from Bromley, the message is “I will not let pessimism take over, right?”  The snowmaking pond is being refilled (Good News) and there is cold weather coming (Good News).  Spring skiing is going to be awesome.

Here’s the story from Unofficial Networks.



Feb 1 Snow Report from Mad River Glen. Honest and Painful.

Credit: Mad River Glen

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