If You Thought It Was Based On Height, Think Again.

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Thanks to Jared Manninen from TahoeTrailGuide.com for this advice. We’re curious.  Are readers able to buy cross-country equipment at mid-season?  We’ve heard inventories have been depleted. Let us know.



  1. Jim Guderian says:

    Moved to Webster, NY on 1963. Looked for places to ski and did Greek Peak, Song Mountain, Tully, Labrador . . . but got my eye-teeth into skiing at a little place south of Buffalo called Glenwood Acres (now part of Kissing Bridge). Was there a place called Interlachin (Interlackin) that got bought up by a millionaire? Remember Song Mountain had all night skiing on weekends (for that college crowd?) Wife wouldn’t let me go.
    Jim Guderian Age 88

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Hi Jim, I remember many enjoyable (and cold) nights at Song Mountain, while part of the SU “college crowd.”Tully and Labrador also were fun areas. Don’t remember Interlachen. Are you thinking of Intermont? I instructed there one season. Was an upside down area…lodge on top. I think it was purchased by an individual who turned the lodge into his private home.Jon

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