Snowshoeing Is A Highly Accessible and Easy Way To Enjoy The Winter.

Now here’s a winter outdoor sport that brings you in to the vibrant , snow-filled landscape and fresh air with a minimum of hassle and expense. From our surveys, we’ve noticed that those who snowshoe often bring spouses and grandchildren along into an easy way to walk in the woods.

How easy is it to get started?  Here’s a short instructional video from LL Bean. Click on the image to view.


  1. Does anyone have advice about crossing a slope while descending, especially hard pack? Specifically in an area with no track. I used to have this issue on XC skis but cured it with back country bindings where I could lock down the heal.

  2. Kathleen Sterling says:

    When we have enough snow, I use my snowshoes to make trails all over my 2 acres of hills. Then I have great trails to use my x country skis

    I have tree to hang my clothes on when I get to warm and most of all a bathroom and hot chocolate close My trails have a lot of up and down hills and can go outdoors for as long and as many times as I want.

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