The Basics Of Cross-Country Skiing Demonstrated.

The benefits of cross-country skiing are many. Clearly, it’s a full-body exercise that you can dial up or down depending on your mood, conditioning, and terrain. And, it’s easy. You can learn the basics in an hour and feel confident on your first outing. Advanced techniques are rather simple, too, so the learning curve is quite flat. Also, it’s accessible, all you need is snow.  You can head to your local public park, golf course, or conservation wood lands. Or, if you like groomed (grooved and corduroy) trails, find a xc center with retails, lessons, hot chocolate and the like.  And then there’s nature: animal tracks, the silence of the woods, snow-sun-sky tableaux, your own ruminations. Another benefit is that your companion might find it easy and accessible, too, so you can have the company of your mate in the winter wonderland.

Here’s a great video from PSIA and REI showing the basics. Click on the image below.

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