Increased Interest In Nordic Makes XC Site A Place For Information. publisher Roger Lohr and wife Kimberly at Bretton Woods. That’s Mt. Washington in the background. was established in 2003 as a major source of information for recreational and travel-oriented cross country skiers and snowshoers and it entered uncharted waters when the pandemic hit. Would anyone want to travel to go cross country skiing?

According to site founder and editor Roger Lohr, “The response was the best year ever for the site in terms of visitation, but what I really enjoyed were the unprecedented number of phone calls to talk about cross country skiing with people.”

They wanted to talk about where to go, equipment to use, and what the different ski areas were like. Lohr commented, “Due to the COVID situation there were astronomical increases in visitation on the site in December as many people were thinking about cross country skiing, and then January and February continued growing.  Obviously, getting outdoors on cross country skis was viewed as a good thing to do to stay safe.” He added, “People are looking for information about cross country skiing and there is plenty of content on a variety of topics to be found on”

The site focuses on information about where to go and what to do for cross country skiers. Lohr stated, “This is a difficult segment to reach compared to cross country ski racers.  I try to create interesting themes to engage these occasional cross country skiers.” There are recommendations for cross country skiing family destinations and food events, tips on getting started, romantic vacations, ski areas that have invested in sustainability, what to wear, and the newest gear. The Top 10 Page, which is the most popular page on the site has more than a dozen different category lists.

Much of the content on is also posted on other sites such as, where Lohr joined Jonathan Wiesel of Nordic Group International to contribute content for the Make More Tracks Resource Guide and article series. content can also be found on,,, and others as well as the @XCSkiTravel Twitter feed.

The site includes resort pages that are segmented by region featuring about 50 ski areas across the nation including a few state association pages. There are also hundreds of shorter descriptions for ski areas that do not have a separate page. The article content is separated into sections such as resort features, products, personalities, and sustainability, all focused on cross country skiing. was initiated in 2003 as a partnership with SkiAmerica. Lohr commented, “I’ve been dedicated to getting more people to go cross country skiing and snowshoeing more often since I got involved in snowsports, and I expect to continue plugging away at it.”

XC resorts like Great Glen Trails in NH offer groomed trails, lodge, instruction. Accessible and affordable.


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  1. Good to hear — and just wait for next winter!

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