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Nordic Skiing (XC, Cross-Country)

Tips On Starting Nordic Skiing 

  • You can call it cross country skiing, Nordic skiing, XC skiing, or ski touring – if you’ve decided to try this type of skiing, expect that the first few times it may be a totally new experience for you and it may take time for you to become confident.Cross country skiing can take a while to master, but it is outdoor fun even on the first time on skis and here are a few tips to make it easier.

New Gear For XC: “Skin” Skis

  • The cross country ski waxless “skin” bases, which use inserted mohair strips on the ski bottom, are extremely effective for all temperatures and snow conditions. It is high performance waxless base technology for the classic skier, who prefers to use a waxless ski. The ski strips are like small climbing skins and there are ski models that have a flex created in conjunction with the skin material, which rides above the snow in the glide phase, and are easy to press down for excellent grip during the kick phase.

The Skinny On Recreational Ski XC Gear

  • XC ski equipment is designed for skiing on groomed trails or in the snow covered untracked terrain; for sunny days in fresh powder or whiteout snowstorms in freezing temperatures. With regard to gear, there are many factors to make or break the XC ski experience, so check out this review of recreational XC skis and boots.

How To Choose An XC Ski Vacation Destination

  • Nordic skiers select their winter ski destination resorts using some rating system of how the areas perform in various categories of criteria including trail quality and grooming, scenery, food quality, staff friendliness and service, the ski lodge facility and family issues. There is a great range of places to Nordic ski in North America these characteristics delineate areas without concern to whether the area is an inn, a ranch, a day area, a destination resort, or a recreation park area.

Take Advantage of Nordic Demo Day

  • Try before you buy – many XC ski areas conduct demo days to give skiers an opportunity to test drive the newest XC ski equipment, which has come a long way to make skiing much easier. Maybe you have outdated gear and want to test new and different equipment to replace your old clunkers. It makes great sense to try some different skis, ski categories, and brands to find something that best fits you

Keeping Your Skis–And Pants–On

  • Little things mean a lot, especially in winter sports where you might be in remote places with your only resources in your backpack and pockets. A belt malfunction can be a disaster.  Here are some thoughts on belts and belt features you might find useful and amusing.

Dressing For Nordic

  • Nordic skiing is a form of recreation that involves moving and thus lighter clothing is appropriate. Recreational Nordic ski garb is versatile, functional, and fashionable, which is different than either the outfits for downhill skiing or the racing suits worn by the XC ski racers seen at the Olympics

Nordic Skiing Terminology

  • If you’re new to the sport, you’re going to find people using terms that may be a little confusing at first. Here’s an explanation of most of the jargon you’re likely to meet.

Who Needs XC Lessons?

  • Most people start Nordic skiing by getting a few tips from a friend but a ski instructor is a much better option. The instructor will gently guide any XC skier to better skills and match a skier’s pace to his or her level of fitness and interest, keeping the skier from working too hard.

Track Vs Tour

  • Machine-groomed trails and breaking a track through the woods each have their own set of positives and charms. Explore the difference and decide if you want to do a little of both.

Out-Think Your Feet With Lessons

  • Here’s another slant on why lessons can make a difference in your cross-country experience.  If you’ve been away from Nordic for a while, it makes sense to reconnect with the sport.  Technique and technology has changed.


Learning To Love Snowshoes

  • There is an easy, safe way to enjoy winter, get some exercise, and keep that rosy glow on your cheeks.  Snowshoeing is no longer the Sargent-Preston-of-the-Yukon style, with tennis racquets on your feet. No, no. Indeed, snowshoes have gotten technical. Come and see what’s new.

Taking Grandkids Snowshoeing

  • Snowshoeing can be a memorable time outdoors with the grandkids but you need some information before you head out. Here’s a primer about going snowshoeing with the grandkids.

Snowshoes: From Wood To Metal To…Foam?

  • Technology evolves. You’d think all you need are a pair of Sergeant Preston of the Yukon tennis racquet snowshoes to plod around your local forest. Think again. There are new ideas that make the experience more accessible, interesting, safety, and fun. Check out what’s new in the snowshoe world.

Fat Biking

Fat Biking At Nordic Ski Areas

Fat bikes, dubbed the “Hummers of the two-wheelers’ world” are proliferating where there are more than 150 cross country (XC) ski areas that have fat bikes available to use on snow covered trails. These specially-made bicycles with ultra-wide tires that are run at 4-8 pounds of pressure allow fat bikes to roll over soft, slippery surfaces like snow.


Where To Make More Tracks

The Meccas Of Cross Country Skiing

  • There are a number of Nordic skiing destination resorts that devout skiers revere and the each of the following five regions are definitely known a “Nordic skiing Mecca” — a destination that all traveling Nordic skiers have put on their “must visit” list.

Resort Review: Jackson, NH and the White Mountains

  • Join us on our weekend trip to the White Mountains and the town of Jackson in New Hampshire because it is a true Mecca for Nordic skiers. This is the quintessential New England Nordic skiing experience with the snow covered mountains, covered bridge, white steepled church, brookside trails, and the accompanying village with all of the trappings.

Resort Review: The Woodstock Inn, VT

  • The Woodstock Inn is one of Vermont’s true gems for travelers offering warm New England hospitality amidst an atmosphere of country elegance and winter recreation. Resort facilities include the new 10,000 square-foot Spa, the Resort’s Nordic Center, Suicide Six alpine ski area, the Resort’s Golf Club, and a 41,000 square foot Racquet & Fitness Club. However, this trip defines the country sophistication and completes the picture of charm and comfort at the Woodstock Inn & Resort, which rises above expectations.

Resort Review: Crested Butte, CO.

  • Skis, bikes, dogs.  Must be Crested Butte. This southwestern Colorado mining town has charm galore and 50 km of trails.  At 9,500 feet, one could say they are breathtaking.
CB’s Alley Loop marathon starts in the middle of time. Credit: Xavier Fane/CB Nordic