I’d Be Surprised If Someone Else Didn’t Come Up With This Simple Trick Soon After The Printed Trail Map Made Its Debut.

But, necessity being the mother of invention, in a moment of need, I folded the first map I found, tucked it into the shaft, and, with surprising ease, slipped my foot inside.

Here’s how to do it on your own:

Place trail map against the rear boot cuff. and fold so one half is on outside of boot.
Put foot in boot as usual, letting heel slide down the map’s surface, while holding map with free hand.



























Voila! Foot enters boot without struggle.

Note: Be sure to fold the map over the cuff. At first, I didn’t and the map went in with my foot. Folding prevents that from happening.



  1. great. it works

  2. Plastic bags also work well

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