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In 1922, a New Hampshire Ford dealer and inventor offered a kit to convert Model Ts to “Snowmobiles.” The kit sold for $400 at a time when the Model T sold for $300. The conversion included skis in the front and a second set of wheels in back attached to heavy caterpillar tracks. Inventor, Virgil White, also offered a complete, already converted Model T Snowmobile for $750.

Who purchased the rig? People who had to get through bad conditions no matter what: farmers, country doctors, milkmen, grocers, rural mail carriers, fire departments, etc. White claimed the Model T Snowmobile could travel through 18” of snow at 18 miles per hour. The one pictured is completely restored and being offered by Legendary Motorcar Company, Ontario, Canada, for $59,900 A more extensive description is available in this posting from Hagerty, the terrific publication for old vehicle buffs. Even more info is available from the Model T Ford Snowmobile Club.

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  1. Jon lookup Fossmobile.com. George was my great uncle

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