Jaws Comes To Snow Country And Attacks Bikini Contest. Terrifying, No?

Don’t go near the…snow. We’ve heard of snow snakes but this is ridiculous.

We would have loved to have been around the conference room table—or more likely, cocktail bar—when the idea for this movie took form.

“Let’s make a movie about a ski resort in avalanche country,” says one genius.

“With a spring break bikini contest around the hot tub at the base lodge,” opines another.

“Yeah, with a herd of sharks that swim under the snow and eats skiers,” says the another genius.

They stare at each other in recognition of a profound ideation and shout in unison, “Avalanche Sharks”. High fives all around.

And so it came to pass that a movie about sharks that swim under the snow during a bikini contest and eat skiers was made.

For those of us who love the absurd, the ridiculous, and the irreverent, this is one for you.  We cannot imagine how the actors managed to not break out hysterically laughing in the midst of some of these scenes.

For students of horror films, this one has all the elements: The crazy outsider shouting a warning no one believes, ancient curse, astronomical event, disbelieving authorities, brave young people, beautiful young people, omnipotent monsters, and, of course, a predictable ending.

This 2014 movie can be rented from Amazon, Youtube, or other streamers. Watch with a group of friends with adult beverages and potato chips.





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  1. Cathy Meyer says:

    I found this in the discount bin at my local video store last year and took it on my ski club sori g break trip. It was a hoot.

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