Rugged, Waterproof Snow Boots E-Z On/Off.

If you know horses, you'll know what "muck" means. These boots are warm and tough. Credit: Muck Boots
If you know horses, you’ll know what “muck” means. These boots are warm and tough.
Credit: Muck Boots

My wife and I just returned from a pleasant hike in the snow, among cliffs and monoliths; sagebrush and Ponderosa pine. She wore sturdy hiking boots and gaiters. I wore the Muck Boot Arctic Commuter, a high-rise (mid-calf) fleece-lined neoprene boot. They were an ideal choice.

For a hike on snow-covered, uneven, though generally flat terrain, I’d typically wear Sorels or Kamiks—sturdy felt-lined winter boots combining warmth, good traction and protection from a foot of snow. They’ve been my go-to’s for snow shoes.

Muck is a good alternative. I’ve used them to drive to ski areas, especially when snow is really deep in the lot. They accompanied us on a recent ski/road trip to Colorado. In Glenwood Springs, a lovely town not far from Aspen, the town fathers and mothers are snow clearance challenged. Walking from the hotel to one of the multiple excellent eateries requires navigating frozen snow and patches of ice. Muck handles these conditions well. A slightly longer walk to Glenwood’s public hot springs (about a football field in length) was more complicated with a variety of frozen obstacles. Muck was warm, comfortable, and gripped effectively.

The company makes a variety of boot designs for men, women and kids. The Arctic Commuter is listed at $150, although some Web-based “sole searching” may deliver them for less.

I’ve worn them with and without socks. Comfort reigns. The website claims comfort to -40F. I have no intention of testing that one, but I do look forward to using them during mud season. Not a chance water will get inside, and they’ll wash clean with the garden hose. Their material and construction make them the Toyota 4Runner of footwear. They look good and will get anyone wearing them through the elements in comfort and basic style.

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