Correspondent Rose Marie Cleese reports on her fitness journey, noting that regular exercise makes a big difference in how you feel. Credit: Pinterest
Correspondent Rose Marie Cleese reports on her fitness journey, noting that regular exercise makes a big, big difference in how you feel.
Credit: Pinterest

The Journey That Began With A Single Step Isn’t Over Yet!

Although this will be the last official installment of my personal fitness journey series that began on May 1st, it’s definitely not the end of the journey. I have many more pounds to lose before I sleep and promises to myself to continue to keep. I’ll be posting an update some time in the next three months, at which time I hope I can tell you that I’ve met all of my goals, including losing that last 20 pounds and tipping the scales at 130 pounds. I’ve already lost 20 pounds so I’m halfway there.

Even though I haven’t yet reached my desired weight, I’ve added a number of habits to my life that have made me a healthier, happier person with a body that’s so much better prepared to hit the slopes (hopefully in the next couple of weeks) than the one that floundered on them last March. I tried on my ski clothes last week and they fit comfortably rather than my feeling like a stuffed sausage. People who haven’t seen me in a few months are noticing my weight loss and telling me how good I look. Most importantly, I feel so much healthier…and bouncier.

So what am I taking away from these past seven months? The number one lesson I’ve learned is how important regular exercise is. My twice-weekly aerobics classes and my once-a-week stretching classes and weight classes have had a considerable effect on me. I don’t get out of breath exerting myself anymore, my balance has improved 100%, and my arms and legs actually look and feel toned. I’ve rarely missed my classes because I feel so energized at the end of them. This is one habit that has become solidly entrenched. In the near future I’d like to add some yoga to my exercise regimen and I’ve put a Fitbit on my Christmas wish list.

Regarding my weight loss, I’m happy that I haven’t gained back any of the weight I’ve lost (even over the Thanksgiving holiday!), but I do need to get back on track in the coming months. I plan on being more religious about mindful eating, portion control, food choices (less “white” food, more fruits and vegetables), not eating late meals, and saying “no” at least a couple of times a day when I’m tempted to snack or eat something that’s unhealthy. I’ll continue the daily food diary that I’ve been faithfully keeping the last seven months, and I’ll continue to weigh in once a week and also check my measurements once a month. If I find that the pounds are refusing to come off, I may participate for a couple of months in one of the several diet plans out there that are the top choices of the medical establishment.

As I write this article at 3 AM, I have to admit that I have failed miserably at getting enough sleep and am beginning to wonder if a night owl can ever be an early bird. I’ll let you know in my update in a few months if I’ve found an answer to this perennial problem of mine. Suggestions welcome!

Speaking of suggestions, I want to thank all of you out there who have sent me your thoughts, insights, and encouraging words over the past seven months. It really does make it easier when you’ve got some cheerleaders urging you on. In the meantime, there are some snowy slopes out there that are calling my name, and I can’t wait to make some tracks on them. Stay fit…stay tuned…and have a great winter!

Editor’s Note: salutes our correspondent Rose Marie Cleese for sharing her journey with our readers over the last few months.  Her project took courage and fortitude.  Please join us in acknowledging her efforts and her willingness to tell us about her experience.

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  1. Ken McCormick says:

    Rose Marie,
    I am wondering if you are the same person who wrote the article “my grandfather the liberty bell at the panama international exposition? Here is the link:

    If so, the police officer on the right side of the picture is my grandfather Joseph William Frank from Philadelphia Pa. In 1915, my grandfather traveled 9,358 miles with the bell over 143 days.
    In 2002, my son Kenny started a family history project. He and his mother researched and discovered pictures from this trip on the internet. Further research discovered an photo album in the Philadelphia Archives. Needless to say, this posting gave us some excitement as we have not seen this photo before.

    Ken McCormick
    West Chester, Pa 19382

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