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All The Way From Television Land.

Was she a skier?

Here’s a famous television celebrity you should know if you grew up in the 50s. We took this from a picture displayed in the lobby of the venerable Mittersill Alpine Resort, Franconia, NH. We think the famous person was visiting the Baron von Pantz and his family, who built the resort in the mid-40s, modeled after his “castle” in Austria.  Enough clues.

Last Week

This is iconic Tuckerman Ravine, located across from Wildcat Ski Area in NH. There were many interesting guesses as to the artist.  We can see a little Wyeth in there.  However, this watercolor is by G. Lewis Hodgkins (1906-1972), an architect who lived in nearby North Conway. Hodgkins eventually became keeper of Ye Coach and Four Inn on Oak Street. He gave daily painting lessons that were quite popular.

He is known for his bold strokes and his ability to interpret his subjects simply and impressionistically. This water color was most like done en plein air. 

Curiously, as an architect, Hodgkins designed homes and buildings in and around the area, including the North Conway Community Center which eventually became the North Conway branch of the New England Ski Museum where this work is currently displayed.

Many thanks to the New England Ski Museum for permission to use this photo.



  1. Arsnow Brian says:

    Lucille Ball at Mittersil

  2. Looks like Lucy and the Arnaz kids

  3. I’m not sure who the star is and Lucille Ball is probably correct, but I would wager that the photographer was Dot Crossley, one of skiing’s top photographers who made her home at Mittersill when she wasn’t taking sailing pictures in Newport, RI in the summer.

  4. Lucy and Dezzy and little Dezzy. Missing Fred and Ethel.

  5. Lucille Ball and family.

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