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Another easy one.  Let’s hear from you. Do you have any stories about this person?

Credit: Journal New England Ski Museum

Last Week

Credit: Dorothy Crossley, New England Ski Museum

Nancy Greene-Raine, skiing’s girl next door. Not only was she a successful ski racer for Canada, she became a senator for British Columbia in 2009 until her mandatory retirement in 2018. She has a long list of ski industry related accomplishments, including racing, ski area development, fundraising, as well as awards.  She is a recipient of the Order of Canada, the country’s highest civilian honor. She was instrumental in developing Sun Peaks in BC where she regularly skis with visitors.

Here’s a comment from Steve Threndyle, a reader who recently skied with Nancy.

“That’s Nancy Greene-Raine (note ‘e’ in Greene and hyphenated last name). Canada’s Female Athlete of the Half Century (wasn’t even close). Two time overall World Cup winner. Canada’s Sweetheart (well, more like, “Tiger”, her nickname). Gold and Silver Olympic Medalist, in 1968 Grenoble. Served in the Canadian Senate until mandatory retirement at age 75 three years ago. Authored legislation to ban sugary/unhealthy food and instituted Canadian Fitness Day each June.

Skied with her for a couple of hours two weeks ago. She and Al are wonderful people. Sun Peaks is a fantastic place!”

Here’s a picture Steve provided with a smiling Nancy.

Nancy still skiing at Sun Peaks. Credit: Steve Threndyle

Here’s a short video of Nancy speaking about her 1968 Grenoble Olympics gold medal win.


  1. Patricia Gottshalk says:

    Nothing but a quick guess. Is it M. Walt from Mt. Snow?

  2. JOHN LEWIS says:

    Pete Seibert, co-founder of Vail along with Earl Eaton.Skiing Vail in the early days, anyone would constantly run into Pete. I, like many others, do have lots of stories about him. My two favorites were the kindness and smiles he gave to my children when I introduced them to him at a Ski Club Vail event (Pete was very involved and supportive of Ski Club Vail). Another was how he graciously asked me to join him for lunch whenever I ran into him at a West Vail luncheon diner and he took the occasions to share lots of stories with enthusiasm and a smile

  3. Raymond Beauregard says:

    Regarding Mystery Glimpse previous week. Had the privilege of skiing with Nancy and Penny Pitou down Saudan’s Couloir at Whistle / Blackcomb during the late 90’s. She had recently had knee surgery but she diud thge moguls just fine.
    Ray Beauregard

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