Linda Meyers, not Barb Ferries.

We received several comments and emails about the identification of the woman in this recent Mystery Glimpse. The photo was provided by the Tread of Pioneers Museum, Steamboat Springs, was mis-labelled as Barb Ferries. Our observant readers saw the error and correctly identified her as Linda Meyers who also skied with Buddy Werner on the 1964 US Ski Team.  One of those who corrected us was none other than Chuck Ferries, Barb’s brother.  We notified the curator at the Tread of Pioneers Museum which is taking corrective action. Thanks readers.



Where Is This Hotel?

Thanks to the Colorado Snowsports Museum for this picture.

Last Week

Rudi Wyrsch was the self proclaimed Pied Piper of skiing and taught children not only how to ski but how to have fun on and off the snow.  From Piperville, his name for the Mt. Snow pee-wee  playground/ski school,  to his 12 foot stilts, Rudi was a master at engaging children with entertainment.  Once a member of the Swiss national team and coach of the British, Australian, and New Zealand ski teams, Rudi worked at Mount Snow in the 60’s – 70’s. After wowing the kiddies on the hill, Rudi entertained adults back in the lodge with joke-telling, magic tricks, and juggling.  

Rudi’s approach to teaching kids at Piperville revolved around three principles: 1) Balance, 2) How to turn, and 3) Self-confidence. 

Rudi conducted trick skiing stunts across New England.  Here he is performing at Pleasant Mountain, ME, home of a nascent freestyle program under Rudi. He later open a restaurant at Taos, NM. We have heard, but could not confirm, that he was killed in a “ski accident” in Switzerland.  If anyone knows that part of the story, please share it with us.

Thanks to Mt. Snow and Peak Resorts for the pic of Rudi  flipping in the top hat and to the New England Ski Museum for the photo below.


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