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Boiler plate, locally manufactured, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Irish-tinged ski area. Got it? What is this? Who invented it?

Last Week

This is the famous Al Johnson, ski legend of the Rockies.  According to the Colorado Snowsports Museum, which contributed this picture, Al was a superb skier before he came to Crystal, CO, from Canada in 1880 to prospect for silver. He became the legendary skier of the “Snowshoe Express.” He was Crystal’s first postmaster and carried the weekly mail and supplies between the mining communities of Crystal and Crested Butte on eleven foot long skis. His mail run was a dangerous trek through the narrow Crystal Canyon. During his twenty year career, he became a living legend. He was involved in starting a series of races between the miners in 1886, the “first one down buys cigars and oysters” for the other competitors. Just think, Al Johnson, a postman, store owner, outdoorsman, inaugurated the first ever ski races in the Rockies. That was a lot of races ago.

Thanks to the Colorado Snowsports Museum for this great picture.  Check out the Museum’s collection by clicking here.

And for more on Al Johnson, click here for a story from the Aspen Times.


  1. Michael Chiu says:

    moghul planer or ice scarifier for a groomer?

  2. Patricia Gottshalk says:

    Early groomer that was used at Bromley.

  3. Boyd Allen says:

    Grooming attachment to break up icy spots. Maybe from Brodie (Kelly’s Irish Alps)?

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