Vintage Scenes Of Skiing.

Here’s a different Mystery Glimpse challenge.  Correspondent Don Burch has uncovered some old home movies from an online video archive.  Can you spot where this footage might have been taken? Are there clues in these different videos that might reveal when these were taken? Even if you can’t identify the locations, check out that equipment and the bota bag. Just click on the image below. Does anyone use a bota bag these days? Anyway, have fun with these memories. 

Last Week

Here’s the photo with Durrance’s autograph. Credit: Ski History

This photo of Dartmouth’s Dick Durrance with an intense “look” comes from a book published by Friedl Pfeiffer in 1939.  The Sun Valley Ski Book was a pictorial ski instruction book, containing action shots of celebrity skiers of the day.  We discovered this photo in an article in Ski History Magazine, the publication of the International Ski History Association. The specific book this was taken from was discovered in bookstore by long-time skier Marc Corney. Not only does it contain a collection of spectacular photos, each photo has an autograph of the subject.  There’s also four pages of autographs from various people who apparently were invited to sign the book which most like belonged to none other than the author Friedl Pfieffer.  You can read the whole fascinating story by clicking here. There are lots more pictures, too. And please consider supporting the International Ski History Association while you are at it.

Autograph: “Don’t be frightened. He’s too small to hurt you even with that look!” Credit: Ski History



  1. One section/lift looked like the Porky Pine Ski area In Upper Michigan. 1960ish cars and Tucker snow cats are very 1960 vintage. Boot trees and wine skins 1960ish. Ski technique for sure with leather boots a trap bindings.

  2. Very fun. Love the music. Plus the Fill Your Sitzmark sign.

  3. Looks like some of the footage is from Stowe and Squaw Valley. You can read “Mt Mansfield Company” on the Tucker Sno-Cat at 0:28 and see the Olympic rings on the signpost going into Squaw Valley at 1:12. Also a lot of California license plates. Someone with better eyes and computer screen may be able to read the elevation on the sign attached to the building above “Fill Your Sitzmark” at 2:06 and figure out which peak. Great to see the vintage cars and gear. Thanks for posting th evideo.

  4. george b seeley says:

    I actually enjoyed seeing the cars– both on the road and in the parking lots. Not a single 4×4 or SUV in sight. We all got there somehow in our rear-wheel drive cars and station wagons.

  5. Joy Barbera says:

    Loved the video….don’t recognize the ski areas, but, I had those ski s with the old bindings, I had the old time ski clothes and , had lace up boots when I was a child…. the works!

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